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Friday, November 25, 2005

How I Spent My Thanksgiving, Part I

I hope everyone is sedated in some way, shape or form of L-tryptophan, alcohol or cough syrup. I surely had some of one, a bit of 2 and none of 3 (yay!).

Thanksgiving in Podunk wasn't bad this year. There was snow on the ground until the sun shined through. That made Nilly happy. There was enough food to feed 30 people and 3 cats (There were only 11 people at our little shindig). There was enough alcohol to make a barkeep cry and traffic (for once) was bearable.

The horse and buggies for the most part stayed on their side of the road (with the exception of this one retard who aparently has a death wish on himself and his horse) and the senior citizens decided to drive the speed limit.

People, this isn't much of an expectation from me. It's all good.

I wish I could say that "something" great happened. Hmm, nada. Not one thing. At least I didn't have to contend with any real drama. I wasn't subjected to stick to a list of things considered taboo during dinner. Actually, a few of us started to play 'Scene It' the Deluxe Movie Edition. It was fun. It was as much fun as the Trivial Pursuit 90s edition!

I know, I know, we know how to party, huh? Yes, it sounds like we're actually from the Beaver Cleaver era but we're not. There's just so much you can do in a place that actually looks forward to Black Fridays!

I am glad that I actually have to work tomorrow. Maybe there would be interesting "stabbing" incidents in Wal-Mart over the new Kathy Ireland collection or the last extra-large string bikini in Victoria Secret. Tomorrow will be a day I look forward to working. (God, I know it will be boring.)

Did the mandatory parent call. Also dropped a line on the West Coast side of my family. I miss big celebrations. There is something to be said about some family gatherings... Like old comfy sweaters broken in-- tons of stories to tell as to why it's so tattered and yet loved dearly.

Anyway, that's how my Thanksgiving was spent. I am glad it's over. Now I have to deal with the Christmas season. Apparently, I am hosting it this year. I am actually excited about it.

On to other news...

I won't talk about Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. Anyone who didn't see their imminent split is blind as a bat. Although, I have to say, I think JS should be blamed in the fallout. She should've kept daddy out of the bedroom. She should've realized the hubby's stated wandering. She should've learned to take care of a house and not house her bestfriend and have her tag along wherever and whenever she was out with Nick. Sweets, if your man is publicly 'showing' that he's out painting the town red while you're whoring with Jackass? There is a problem.

Don't even get me started with the whole Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes sonogram/I-won't-work-because-Tom-asked-me-to-be-barefoot-and-pregnant crap. It's just too creepy! I am not the burning bra kind of gal but you know what? KH has just set women's lib back 30 years. Thanks, Katie. Apparently, there is something in that Dawson's Creek water that really affected those brain cells of yours.

And if you're an Alias fan, this is the last Season.

Gilmore Girls: Looks like there might be some hope that Jess might have a recurring role in Rory's world. Bedford Diaries, sadly, has not been given the greenlight yet and to me, that's annoying. The show's a lot smarter than OTH and definitely more situational than what Felicity was. To all network executives at the WB, let the sucky shows die and give BD a chance! Milo Ventimiglia is also going to be in the new Rocky movie. Seems like there is some major stalking for me and Katty to do! Jackie and Ames, you know you guys are always welcome for the ride if you would like to enjoy Philly winter.

I've saved the best for last: Veronica Mars from Kristin on E!. Watch the interview clips. Loved the way Kristin had to help Jason Dohring censor himself about 'acting' with Charisma Carpenter while Jason's wife's lingering around the stage. I also thought it was cute when Teddy Dunn said thaty "Logan" gets all the girls but he's happy that Duncan still has Veronica. It was also rather endearing how Alyson Hannigan praised Charisma Carpenter on their catfight on an upcoming episode. I thought the whole interview was a barrel of giggles.

I know, I know, I am pathetic. I blame it on the turkey...

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