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Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Need An Inhaler

Did you see it? Did you see it? I am so glad that Veronica Mars took a gamble on Wednesday nights right by "Lost". Lost may have topped the Nielsen ratings but Veronica Mars had found new viewers and then some. I am so glad that both my hands and feet are clapping.

RT kept you on your toes, especially when Duncan was talking to Ronnie on the first scene. I was a little hesitant to do my dance (I wanted Duncan to be at the door). Thank goodness, I didn't because when Ronnie's "boyfriend" was announced by the other coffee girl and Logan walked in, I was squealing.


Then they panned to the night Aaron Echolls was arrested (and ran over. I still think that little bounce on the hood of the truck was just priceless). RT didn't give us time to bathe in the moment Logan appeared at the door... Bloody!

I held my breath, fanning myself, forcing myself to calm down. He rehashed the beating, Felix's death... Oh my goodness. And as V tells him his dad killed Lilly, I felt for Logan. I felt for V.

Then Leo shows up at the Mars' door.

The way Leo stroked her face made me feel for the former beau. But Leo wasn't there to be nice. He was there to do his job. For Ronnie, giving Logan up was obviously hard.

It was nice seeing Ronnie be so supportive of Logan during his trial that summer. She was there to comfort him. She was there when they got shot at in his SUV. She was there for all the nastiness of retaliation as Logan tried to get even with the bike club with the help of Dick and Beaver. (Sidenote: I think Dick is really slimy. I don't know why he's kissing up a lot of Veronica ass when he called her a skank. The fact that he made out with her when she was drugged also irks me. And don't tell me that it's because she ruined his surf board. No one is that nice just because someone screwed up their surf board.)

But I guess, Logan's vindictive nature even got on Ronnie. So much so, she broke up with him. BROKE UP! I was having an athsma attack when I saw Logan smash the lamp and show his displeasure at Ronnie's news. Papa Mars coming through the doors like Superman though made me realize how great of a daddy he is. Even Ronnie didn't fight with her dad to make her ex-man go away.

Then there was that other "boyfriend" scene. I was thinking Logan was going to show up. Then V was liplocking with DUNCAN! WOOT! I know, I know. K was frustrated with me since I was doing the dance at this point. She has gone to the point to "point out" to me that V and Duncan together spell VD unlike V and Logan. It's LoVe.

Despite everyone's displeasure, I LOVE Duncan and V. Don't get me wrong. I love Logan and V but at this point, we get to see how things were between Duncan and Ronnie before Lilly's death.

I digress.

So, now, Duncan and V are together, Logan's nowhere in sight and Weevil is shooting daggers at Ronnie.

Until the field trip to the Shark's baseball field. On the way back, Ronnie sees an apparition of Lilly. She follows it and it leads her to Weevil, stroking the chrome of his bike. He and V spat out some venom against each other. They were so distracted (plus Meg's bitchiness) V got left behind by the school bus. I was so hoping that Weevil wasn't going to leave her stranded.

He didn't disappoint me.

Little did we know that the bus was going to careen off of the road with bitchy Meg in it. Ha, that's what spiteful girls get. Get over it, Meggie. Duncan broke up with you at least 3 months ago. You were Tomb Thumb to Duncan's punctured heart until V told him they weren't siblings.


Meanwhile, we see a Logan mending his heart at the Casablanca household. It was pretty sick that Dick was eyeing his stepmom the way Logan was eyeing her. You could see Beaver was a little uncomfortable by his stepmom's sexy routine.

Anywhoo, Logan visits the Casablanca castle and was greeted by stepmommy dearest... Nekkid...

Ooh, at this point, I was hyperventilating. (BTW, I called this. At least, at this point, I knew that Logan wasn't dating Ronnie. How could a guy call his friends scum and then hang out with them if he's still with the girl they dissed?)

Apparently, apples really don't fall far from the tree.

Now who will catch Logan with Kendall? Veronica?

I wish I had time to read more fanfics. I know someone's already written about the whole Kendall/Logan affair...

Anyway, I skipped the whole drug thing problem that Ronnie solved. I know, I know, I am mean but someone else covered it better than I ever would so I will lead you to this site, which gives you a better rundown of the show.

This is why I need an inhaler. Too much drama.


ames said...

Gee, you didn't like that eppy, did you?

I couldn't tell. Silly me.

It did rock. I even did a day after rehash with my mom. She was one of the new viewers, and she is loving it.

Who couldn't love it? It was up, it was down, it was right, it was right out of left field! RT doesn't know how to disappoint.

My only thing I HATED was the whole logan/CC thing. I think she is beyond skeezy.

Okay. It's time to collapse into bed. Or just, close my eyes, since I'm already in bed...


Richard & Safiera said...

I shouldn't have read this...
I shouldn't have read this...
I shouldn't have read this...

Stupid curious me, I still have to watch episodes 3-22 of season 1 and now I know WAY TOO MUCH.

But well, still want to watch everything. I want to know how they got there and all and it just seems like an amazing show. Loved the first two epi's.

I'm glad you loved the season premier.


PS. Did I mentioned already that I shouldn't have read this?