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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Casting A Star

Mike Ausiello of TV Guide had some lovely information this week in regards to Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls.

Let's start with a plea of help from Rob Thomas, creator of VM:

Question: Yay, Wallace is back on Veronica Mars! What else can we look forward to when the second half of the season kicks off? — John

Ausiello: The show is working on its own version of "Aaron Echolls: The E! True Hollywood Story" to be cut into an upcoming episode, and exec producer Rob Thomas needs our help. You see, the spoof is supposed to feature an interview with the actor playing Echolls in the TV-movie "The Aaron Echolls Story," but in a funny twist, Rob is having a tough time casting the role. "We actually attempted to book Peter Gallagher," Thomas says, "but we didn't have enough money in our budget for Peter's agents to 'take it seriously.'" Now this is where we come in. Rob is curious who AA readers think should "play" Harry Hamlin's evil alter ego. Although he admits "it's doubtful we'll actually be able to book their top choice, we may give it a shot." OK, guys, it's not every day that the man in charge of TV's coolest show comes directly to AA for casting tips, so let's not disappoint him. Send me your suggestions by Friday, Dec. 23, and I'll post a list of the top finalists in an upcoming AA. Oh, and to make my life a little easier, please write "Armchair Casting Director" in the subject line. Contrary to rampant speculation, I don't have a team of eight assistants helping me put out this column every week.

*** I've cast my vote. My nominees are: James Spade (I know he's got another day time job already but he'd be perfect), Willie Aames (because let's face it, he can be an evil person) and Greg Evigan of BJ and the Bear (I know, left field, right?). Cast now!***

Question: Usually I am not one to complain, but I must point out that you have been seriously lacking on Gilmore Girls spoilers lately. — Tammy

Ausiello: Cut me a little slack, Tammy. 'Tis the season when the entire TV biz toddles off to Aspen for three weeks, so scoop/spoilers are about as scarce as watchable Susan scenes on Desperate Housewives. Luckily, my Gilmore mole had decent enough cell reception on the slopes to tell me that Episode 13 — which is slated to air on Jan. 24 — marks the long-awaited return of Friday-night dinners at the Gilmore manse. This is the first time Emily, Richard, Lorelai and Rory will be alone in the same room together since the Big Split of '05 last May, so expect the Amy Sherman-Palladino-penned outing to be brimming with cathartic outbursts. And it's not just recent events that get dredged up during the meal-cum-melee, which goes on for a record eight scenes. At one point, Emily reopens a 20-year-old wound when she lashes out at Lorelai for getting pregnant and ruining her life. Now that's a table read I would've paid big money to be at. We're talking Rose Bowl-type money.

***I bet things will really be awkwrd now that Christopher will be the one paying for Rory's college, huh??? Let's hope things with Chris won't peter out like S1 when he didn't have money and Rory had to go back to the grandparents with her tail tucked between her legs.***

Question: First, thanks for all of your Gilmore Girls info, especially the news about Scott Patterson re-signing. My question is about Sean Gunn. I read that he has chosen not to return for GG's seventh season. Do you know how AS-P is going to handle Kirk's absence? — Vickie

Ausiello: Nothing could be further from the truth. Sean — and Kirk — will both be returning next season. Oh, and this just in: David Sutcliffe will be back for at least five more episodes this season.

Question: Wondering if you have any scoop, spoilers regarding Without a Trace. — Barb

Ausiello: How about a Trace/Gilmore hybrid scoop? Keiko Agena — that's GG's Lane to you — will get a chance to showcase her dramatic chops on Trace this February, when she plays a 23-year-old Japanese rape victim who was assaulted five years ago by a U.S. Marine stationed in Tokyo. Cut to the present, when the Marine who took the rap for the crime goes missing, and Jack's crew discovers that he may have been wrongly convicted. They must track down Keiko in order to find clues.

*** An eye raise for once. Maybe I'll give this one a preview.***

Anywhoo, I still have to listen to the poscast (still getting over the Matt Czuchry/ Logan Huntzberger name calling incident and that was a few eps ago).

Other news on my front:

Vu will be having a show at the Harrisburg Museum which started last week and will be going until the end of January. He has another exhibit in March and that will be in downtown Lancaster. For those curious as to how his Tribeca show went last September? He did well. He sold 15 out of his 20 piece exhibit. He promised me that he'd update his work that had sold on his site. When that will happen... well, it might be forever.

DeAnn has also moved out of blogspot and into her own site. So anything remotely related to entertainment, read her stuff. It's an interesting read.

Happy Wednesday!

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