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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Filipinos, REPRESENT!

Mei Melancon courtesy of IMDB.com

Apparently, Filipinos are mutants. The X-Men kind. I am happy that my race is represented in the latest Brett Ratner film X-Men 3. Mei Melancon (Rush Hour 2, Kitchen Confidential) is playing Psylocke, the baddie telepathic assasin next to Magneto and his group.

Love the fact.

Now I wish I was her. I mean, she gets to act and see Hugh Jackman and Shawn Ashmore in the flesh.

Let's not get into the fact that she's 5'7" and is a hottie.

Damn my Filipino genes.


the bro said...

I knew there was a reason why I liked Psylocke, even when Jim Lee recasted her character in the comic books back in the 90's. *rrrooowwwrr*

Lindsay said...

Psylocke in X3?!? How cool is that. Man I need to get out more.

Shawn Ashmore such a cutie.


DeAnn said...

Woah, she IS a hottie!

(And I did not know you were Filipino. Am I a horrible person for not knowing?)

Donut Shop said...

You, D, horrible? NEVER.

Just goes to show that internet friendships are color-blind. ;)


jackie said...

mmmmm Hugh.....mmmmm Shawn, now i'm going to take a happy nap since my head is pounding!