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Friday, December 09, 2005

Start Praying for the WB!!!

Isn't it cool that Jackie was the first question Ausiello answered in this week's ecolumn? I was happy for her. Then, I get a little present via the early Santa! (BTW, that's the post office dude and again, thanks, J!) Well, to top it all, there is more news on the Gilmore front, and a 'wishing' possible series ending to OTH... Hint, don't watch!

Have I piqued your curiosity yet? Read on. Here's the news from the Kristin front:

Froggy Forecast: First, the good news. I connected with a few well-placed sources close to the WB this week, and they tell me the rumors that Gilmore Girls will end after this season might not be true. "Talks are still continuing with Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino about staying with the show, and a new show they are front-running for next year will be part of the deal for both of them to stay," one source inside the network tells me. "As for Gilmore Girls itself, they are looking to end it after next year, but if it continues to do well, it could go beyond the next season. Both Lauren [Graham] and Alexis [Bledel] have expressed interest in returning, if things go well with Amy and Dan."

The silver lining? After I reported on Tuesday's E! News that an inside source told me One Tree Hill might be in the same boat, I've been contacted by anyone and everyone connected to the studio and the network, assuring me that is not the case. WB reps insist the network is 100-percent behind Tree Hill, and the show isn't going anywhere. Can I get an "amen," my Tree-huggin' brethren? (A/N: I don't think so!)

More good news: Sources tell me Supernatural and Smallville are definitely going at least another season, and might even share a night together next year. I'll waste away in Supernaturalville anytime, baby.

And to those that are watchers of Kitchen Confidential, the show's axed. Another good show bit the dust.

Thank goodness there's still Veronica Mars to calm me down.


ames said...

yeah, i saw the OTH news on E! yesterday... i did a little happy dance. They said OTH, Charmed, and What I Like About You werne't coming back.


DeAnn said...

Why don't they get rid of One Tree Hill already?!

That said, Supernatural and Smallville is a smart pairing.