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Friday, December 16, 2005

Sending Out an S.O.S.

It's that time again, folks. Kristin from E!Online is doing her yearly Save One Show (SOS) campaign.

I don't know if you guys remember but last year, Veronica Mars outpolled Arrested Development. Because of the disparity (50% of the polled votes were for VM versus AD's 25%). This year, these 2 shows are campaigning again. Arrested Development hasn't been given the official funeral papers but it definitely had lost its Monday night slot at Fox. VM, despite its growing fanbase (and absence of UPN in thousands of cities) isn't pulling in the numbers America's Top Model is pulling.

Maybe UPN should poll how many people download the episodes online so that they can watch it... Or give it a bigger base like CBS. VM made good numbers on CBS when it was being aired last summer.

The people are out there. Just open your eyes!

Anyway, here's the list of shows Kristin is polling. If you have any other shows you want to save but aren't on this list, email her.

7th Heaven: Will end in May.

Alias: Ditto.

Arrested Development: No official cancellation, but it looks imminent. There is talk of a pickup by Showtime.

Charmed: The girls' contracts are up, and WB sources say it is likely to be canceled in May.

The Comeback: Already gone. Some of us still can't get over it. We don't wann see that?

Everwood: Despite the best season yet, the WB has pulled it off the air till March. Not the best sign.

Fat Actress: No announcement yet of a return.

Kitchen Confidential: Officially canceled.

Night Stalker: ABC has officially canceled it, however, the Sci Fi Channel has picked up the episodes already shot.

Reunion: Fox has shut down production. There are rumblings the WB might want to pick it up. (Note: I found out the identity of Sam's killer. We can discuss in Monday's chat whether you want to know!)

Threshold: CBS canceled it.

Veronica Mars: Highly debatable whether it belongs on this list. There are no signs UPN is considering canceling VM, but given the lower than deserved ratings, it still needs support.

The West Wing: On the fence. This could be the last season.

What I Like About You: Sources say it is likely to end in May.

Will & Grace: Will end in May.


Camilla said...

Oh no, a lot of my favorite shows are getting cancelled. My sister will die when she hears that 7th Heaven is in for its last season. Seriously, she's too obsessed with that show. LOL I like the show too, but definitely NOT as much as Anna.

Thanks for the heads up! ;)

ames said...

i heard OTH was finito as well...

can we start doing the Tristan dance now?


Me said...

I jsut hope no one nominates it as an SOS. That would suck.

ames said...


no kidding.


the bro said...

More bad news for The West Wing: John Spencer just passed away. I hadn't watched the show in ages, but I remember Leo being one of the best written characters on TV.

Anonymous said...

Hey! i was wondering when you were going to update MNT !