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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Misery and the Company of the Dead

I had to take a break. A real break.

All weekend, I promised myself not to get into this wretched situation but of course, procrastination and a Christmas party got me into my current state of hell.


Missed Grey's Anatomy tonight. I had to will myself to sit and actually read up on Marx (no, not Richard), Nietzche, Kierkegaard and Dewey. Yes, five philosphers in 4 hours.

If it was not for sheer will power and the fear of failing (yes, I have fallen subject to the Slave-Morality dilemma), I wouldn't subject myself to this. I wouldn't be to be so vinictive that I'd have my worst enemy go through such torture.

However, it's my fault and I need to rectify my aesthetic state of being.

Tomorrow, I shall tackle 4 decades of history in 3 hours. I'm taking bets. Who thinks I could do this? Come on, I need some motivation here. Anyone? Someone?


ames said...

we'll let you have the brain, i so say you can do it! i don't need it anyhow, i just have to be at work at 7--i don't tend to wake up til ten or so, so that's brain power i'm just not using.

good luck!


Camilla said...

I think you can do it too. Good luck! ;)

Katherine said...

You can do it!

Hey, if I can close the store and not have it burn to the ground, you can read all that history!

I believe in you!