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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Slow News Week

Hey everyone! With the "end' of Prison Break lasst week and the dawning of the Christmas season, spoilers have been few and far bewteen.

However, Ausiello has just come back from his vaycay so here's the latest of the spoilers!

Question: Rumor has it that since the Palladinos have the green light on a new show for next year, this might be the last season for Gilmore Girls. Is there any truth to this? Are we really not going to get a Season 7? — Jackie

Ausiello: Relax. There's little doubt Gilmore will be back in the fall. Not only is it, like, 13 viewers away from eclipsing Smallville as WB's most-watched show, but Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are already contracted for a seventh year. And guess who's also on board for next season? Scott frakkin' Patterson. That's right; reliable sources tell me his deal just closed. Now, the only question is whether Team Palladino — whose pact expires in May — will be at the helm of what is widely expected to be the show's farewell season. My gut tells me Amy and Dan will be back, albeit in a somewhat reduced capacity since they'll be juggling both GG and their new, as-yet-untitled, Big Apple-based romantic comedy.

Question: When is Wallace returning to Neptune? — John

Ausiello: I honestly don't know. But I'm pretty sure Leo's coming back tonight, so that should be fun. Or maybe not, considering someone is about to "vanish from Veronica's life forever." Please don't let it be Leo.

Question: As much as I love VM and Lost, I'm really curious if you've got any Supernatural scoop. — Rebecca

Ausiello: Some cool guest stars coming up. William B. Davis — aka X-Files' Cigarette Smoking Man — will play a possibly evil professor on Jan. 10. And the following week, Angel alum Julie Benz drops in as Layla, a woman with a brain tumor who seeks out a definitely evil reverend known for curing the incurable.

Question: Any chance we'll see Marty appear on Gilmore Girls this season? — Sarah

Ausiello: As of now, no. But for $10, you can get a quick Marty (aka Wayne Wilcox) fix in the movie version of Rent. He plays a member of an AIDS support group and, boy, can he carry a tune.

Question: Think of all the gasp! moments there have been these past couple of weeks: Luke has a daughter on Gilmore Girls; Meg is pregnant on Veronica Mars; Shannon dies on Lost; Lara Flynn Boyle flies away on Las Vegas; and the boys don't get out on Prison Break! Should we expect any more excitement before Christmas from any of our fave shows? — Brynna

Ausiello: Bright and Hannah are going to get naked together on Everwood tomorrow night; that's pretty major. And as if you needed another reminder, the Carver will be unmasked during the final moments of Nip/Tuck's third season finale on Dec. 20, which will be composed of two back-to-back episodes from 10 pm to midnight. And don't bother trying to guess who the Masked One is. TVGuide.com's Angel Cohn spoke to Bruno Campos on Monday and he flat-out said the Carver's identity is "not guessable. You’ll never guess, never in a million years." So, by my estimation, that narrows the suspect pool to either Dora the Explorer or ex-Apprentice munchkin Stacy Rotner. My money's on Rotner.

Question: No! Prison Break can't go on hiatus. Can you give us some spoilers? Is Abruzzi really dead? — Diane

Ausiello: My gut is telling me Abruzzi is definitely not dead. Although the original plan clearly called for the scruffy mob mole to get shipped off to the big house in the sky, judging by what I saw on screen and the open-ended way the character's fate was left, I'm willing to bet my entire set of 2005 Smurfs that producers granted Abruzzi a last-minute stay of execution with the intention of bringing him back before the season is finished. Adding fuel to my theory: PB executive producer Paul Scheuring declined to discuss the matter with me over the phone, and a show spokesperson issued a stern, "No comment." T-Bag, however, released this statement: "S---, I'm a dead man!"

----note: This I disagree with since Kristin already posted that Peter Stormare (Abruzzi) doesn't feel comfortable with the whole cast. How he can't is beyond me but that's the rumor. As a side note, despite knowing Stormare as the Russian Cosmanaut in "Armageddon", did you know that he is a Shakespearean trained stage performer? Who would've thunk?---


ames said...

wait--isn't Everwood on Thursdays? I'm so confused...


jackie said...

OMG that is my question. I decided to ask that last week. I've never sent a question in and my very first one gets answered by big A!


Katherine said...

Woah! That's too cool, J! I mean, to have your question answered by Televison's very own male oracle...

You've been annointed!

I'm so glad to hear that GG is coming back. I knew that they'd never let it go, but it just makes me feel that much better. I can't wait for Everwood now! I'm so glad I'm not working that night.

Except for the fact that I have to work on Wed night. Ick. I have to set up the tape before. Ick. And I have to call my sister to have her press the record button. Ick.


Me said...

J is our number one diva! Her question's the top of the list. Now, time to squeeze in that Vera Wang you're going to have to wear at the red carpet! ;)


Christin said...

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be picky, but it’s Peter Stormare, not Stomare. I’m just feeling a bit protective of my fellow Swedes out there! ;) (Although I find him kind of weird...) He was actually discovered by (and has on several occasions worked with) our famous director Ingmar Bergman.


Donut Shop said...


Christin said...

Very!!! :)