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Friday, May 20, 2005

Onward Spiral

Just as I thought CMM can get any lower...

The cancer stick is just the start. It's one of those things that you'll be upset about but eventually get over.

However, a few months before his nuptials with Sophia, rumor started circulating that he was still entertaining sexy phone calls from Lindsay Lohan with the help of the talentless Paris Hilton.

See, knowing the kind of trouble the two girls cause, I (if I were Sophia) would've been more watchful of my fiancee.

Not that I'm saying I wouldn't trust CMM but I'd give him a piece of my mind in regards to matters concerning the oppsite gender who pride themselves in being vixens and sirens.

But apparently, Sophia is more "relaxed" in such said matters of the heart and bedroom.

Seeing that the couple has been married for only a month, CMM was seen in Canada (Toronto, if I'm not mistaken... and if I am let me know) being entertained by strippers while taking a break from promoting House of Wax! One dancer said she lap danced for him. 3 songs. She said that it was obvious that he was "aroused" and that Sophia is a lucky lady.

Was the stripper referring to him being hot or the fact that he is endowed?

Personally, I would've barfed.

I know, I know, it's like that country song with the lyrics "And I don't have to be jealous/Just wait around and see/She (He) don't want nobody else/She's (He's) going home with me". He eventually's going to go home to Sophia, right?

I don't know.

Maybe I'm just a prude. Maybe I'm just overly possessive. But a month of marriage and hitting the stips clubs already?


Some people apparently just don't learn.


Katherine said...

Gee, CMM really is a classy guy, isn't he? I mean really, strip clubs? And they've only been married a month? Even Chandler Bing didn't want to see the stripper after he got married, and he had Joey as his best friend!

At least we all have Tristan. HE wouldn't go to a strip club after only a month of marriage. He'd just get Rory to strip for him!

And what is up with all the newtorks flipping my schedules around? Now I need wednesdays and tuesday nights off. This sucks. Plus, since I don't see anything else on at 8pm on wed, I'm probably going to relapse and start watching OTH again. I wouldn't have bothered, but with VM moving too, I'm not taking any chances.


ames said...

Wow. A whole month. That's like two years in Hollywood, isn't it?

That is just sad. I mean, I understand some people have a looser definintion of stuff like that, but if you're married and you want to do stuff like that, I say, include the spouse. There are couples that go to places like that together (Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra, but you get my point).

But after one month of marriage? He shouldn't need to find 'excitement' anywhere else.


Myffieberry said...

Where did you get the info from that CMM was seen in Canada being entertained by strippers?