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Friday, May 20, 2005

OTH vs VM: Round 2

Wow. And I thought OTH was going to be given a breather.

UPN decided to move VM on Wednesdays, too!

And I thought Rob Thomas was on to something.

VM is now occupying the slot once filled by Kevin Hill. It's still from 9-10 pm.

Now if they just started running VM at 8 to give OTH another blow, the show might just kick the whiny show to the corner leaving CMM to crawl and beg to be on GG and get freaking Logan out of the show. Ha. In my dreams, right?

Are the characters in OTH still in high school? And if so, why aren't any of the scenes I've seen when I occasionally flip through the show (when I'm home) on a school backdrop?

Maybe I'm asking too much.


Katherine said...

Yep, the OTH gang is about to finish their junior year of HS. I think that the only time that they were actually at school was when Brooke was running for class president. (of course she won) The show is also supposed to be about basketball, but I think the last time that they even had one as a prop was when Lucas' mom threatened his friends lives if they played with him because he hadn't taken the HCM test.

Really realistic, isn't it?


ames said...

I thought this past year was their senior year. . .if not, then the whole Nathan/Haley thing was WAY more stupid than I'd origninally thought. Hmm. It started out as an interesting concept, but like Katherine said, it's supposed to be about the brothers, their dad, and basketball. At least Felix and his weirdo sister are gone. Stopped watching during that fiasco.

VM on wednesday? gives me something to watch on Wednesday at least. . .