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Friday, May 13, 2005

The Lost GG Spoiler

After all my whining in regards to GG (and thank you D, for pointing out the highlights), my Entertainment Weekly magazine gave me the thrill of my Season 5 finale.

On page 69 (hahahaha), the Episode synopsis says:

... Meanwhile, Lane considers breaking up her directionless band- until her overprotective mom comes to the rescue, booking them on a (Christian, natch) tour...

Something FINALLY on the spoilers I didn't know about.

So, what do you think about that, ladies?

It would be sad to see the band break up. What would that mean for Zach and Lane? Okay, I was a Dave/Lane fan but he went to the dark side (okay, The OC but it might as well be the same). What will happen to Lane? Bible college again?

Again, I hate Logan. I hope he redeems himself by telling his dad that he's a freaking loser. Or Rory has to admit that she's not CNN material but Jane writer material...Or maybe not. Too geeky, eh?

And Katherine, I promise "Dueling" is a Trory/P/J ending... that much of a spoiler I can give you.


Katherine said...

Yay! A Trory pairing for Dueling. I never doubted you for a minute! (Looks away, not meeting your eyes...)

That spoiler is one that I missed too! I am so glad that they are doing something with the band. It's great that they finally have something to do, and I really like that Mrs. Kim is the one that helped them out. MAybe she is a bit more open than ASP ever let on...


PS- I hate Logan too!

ames said...

I read something about Lane's band on the brink of a break up--but I didn't hear anything so detailed. We all missed it, I could fall down dead in shock.
Next season, I swear I'm not reading a damn thing. I want to be surprised when Rory joins a motorcycle gang and starts chain smoking. . .
Maybe I'll have to spoil on VM next year. . .
Rory's not overseas correspondent material--but she could still be a journalist. *grumbles at ASP under breath*
I miss Lane/Dave, too. They were the cutest.