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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Kudos To The Readers

I'd like to dedicate this post to two people: Myffieberry and Sabine: two people that are "new" to the regular postings/commentary in this blogsphere.

One of my earlier posts was about CMM and his trip to the strip club. Here's my response:

Myffieberry, I saw the article in two rag magazines last week: In Touch and Us Weekly (I think. I confuse it with the new one See & Hear or something or the other). I wasn't able to "confirm" the show with Star Magazine. I don't remember if People Magazine wrote anything about but if they did, t'was only a blurb and nothing in detail.

Yes, I am guilty of reading trash. I need to be put in an asylum or in Celebrity Gossip Anonymous.

Do I believe that if 2 magazines have the same story it means it's true? Sometimes. They (the rags) leaked out the Second Bennifer coming with a baby to boot, right? And the Pitt-Aniston break up, right? Let's talk about the Katie/Cruise thing... Hmm, for some odd reason all I can think about is Russkie Business... Logan Echolls in nothing but a white shirt and whitie tighties and Ronnie in a Madonna outfit.

I'm drifting again...

Anyway, I am not always convinced. This week's batch, I didn't have any fun with 'em. I mean, is Jessica and Nick divorcing or are they "still in love"? Not that I do care, mind you. The two can disappear with KF and Brit and I will be in seventh heaven. If they can drag Paris Hilton with them, too, I would have reached Nirvana.

As for Sabine, thank you. You have been one of the most pleasant reviewers I've had since I've started writing on Fan Fiction. I hope you don't mind the mindless rants me and my cohorts have shared in the last couple of months. You just don't know. You might be privy to a few "fic spoilers" or releases Amy, Katherine and I banter around. Are you open to reading Veronica Mars fanfics? (Hint, hint).

Anyway, it is nice to see some of the fic readers "follow" some of the authors to their blogs. We do have other things to say other than our characters on our fics.

Stick around. We have lives that are so crazy, you might think that writing GG stories is the only thing that keeps us sane.

Ooh, Donnie Osmond on The Craig Ferguson Show. He looks really creepy... I just have to watch!


ames said...

People are reading our blogs? Yikes. They'll know how crazy we really are!

Hehe. I saw a promo for Oprah the other day, for two-headed babies, and I swear all I could think of was that she'd gone insane and was reporting Star headlines. Now, that is trash. But the others, they're just guilty pleasures.

As for hte vision of Logan and Ronnie in that scenario you tangented to. . . *cough*write a fic about it*cough*

Sabine said...

I kind of feel like a stalker now!(embarrassed face), but thanks for your very nice comments :) I've been reading your stories for a while, but only started reading your blog this week!

Anyway your lives are really interesting and I think its amazing how u can write so much on these blogs. I'd like to have a blog too, but I really dont have much to write so it will just stay blank! ditto with the fanfics, wish I had the imagination and skill to write one, but i'm just a sciency type. The only web page I've got is about the chemistry of histamine!

As for VM, we dont get it here in the far far behind england, so I'd probably not understand anything in the fics. Even with GG they've just shown 3 seasons so far. Oh how i wish we had the WB here!

Katherine said...

I didn't know that any of us had lives that were interesting to our readers! It's kind of cool, that people like any of us that much. Sabine is definatly a cool reviewer, she always seems to get the fic, and doesn't criticize the nit pics. You dear, are more than welcome to visit me over in Finn-land! I'd be happy to hear from you.

And thanks for the Russkie business mental pic. I love Logan. Sigh.

I say that we dig a hole and stick all the stupid celebutantes and reality pop stars in it. I own a shovel and about ten acres of wetlands. No one would ever find them! Who's with me?