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Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday Addictions

I do hate Mondays. It's not the same "I-don't-wanna-go-to-school" kinda feel. It's the "Mondays-suck" feel. Unlike work, I LOVE school. I can be a permanent student forever. Work, however, doesn't provide the same feeling. The good people don't get rewarded. If they do, it's always on the back end, without anyone seeing it because they (the higher ups) feel bullied by the empty tin cans making all the noise at work.

So, the only consolation I get is coming home, hoping that Chat with Kristin at E!Online is updated and posted.

Sadly, it's summer and all the shows are on hiatus (and a few, done forever).

Her measley scoops? Lost.

I don't watch Lost. Tried to watch it and it can't hold my interest.

The few scoops she had on Veronica Mars were not scoops at all. I could've perceived from the last scene that the person that was at Veronica's doorstep is a man (duh!) and it's someone who's a potential, if not, a love interest (again, duh!). VM reruns start in June. For those who haven't seen it from the very start, here's your chance.

Okay, I am pathetic. I just wished the seasons would just continue...on and on and on.

But I know money is tight and the writers need a break.

Again, there are only a few good writers left posting on the FF GG site. "Unholy Alliance" had its 36th chapter updated. Yay! Now if I could just find other potentially good writers out there. There's still Katherine and Amy out there. (Yay!) There's Mrs. Witter and the ficlets Coolcharmed posts. I still get a kick seeing some of the stories I beta for receive good reviews.

There are 3 fics I've fallen in love with in LJ in regards to VM.

Maybe I should just stop reading and actually post my stuff...


And my seasonal challenge is almost done. Now comes the editing and beta.

I hope things get received well.


ames said...

I'm feeling your angst--I just watched the last Monday night show, perhaps ever, as Everwood is being moved to Wed. or Thurs--I can't remember. Andy and Nina finally kissed!

Summer is the season for fan fic booms. . . I wish I were booming. I still need to get more than a sentence down for my exchange fic. Yep, one whole sentence is all I have.

Never tried to watch Lost, or DH either. ABC lost my viewership long ago--after they failed to pick up My So-Called Life and Now and Again. . .

any VM fic recs? I haven't ventured into them yet. It took so long to figure out who was worth reading in the GG realm.

Katherine said...

I can't believe that you are almost done with your exchange fic. I haven't even started mine. I have the idea for it, but I can't seem to iron out the plot quite right. Plus, I was hearing Mollie dialogue in my head all weekend, and so I had to get that out.

That LJ community for VM fics is amazing! I have found so many great ones there, I thank you so much for turning me onto it.

I feel your pain when it comes to Trories too! There seem to be so few of us out there anymore. They are all jumping ship, betraying our beloved Tristan Dugrey to write for the evil Logan. Ew. Amy is exempt, because she still writes amazing Trories, but so many writers just don't bother. How are we supposed to keep him alive in FanFics when everyone isn't writing about him?

And Television sucks now. I hate summer. But I did introduce my Matt to VM, and he seems to like it. I tell you, for a big hulking guy, he really loves the girly shows. I watched the season finale of OTH with him last night, and while he won't admit it, I think he has watched it. Plus, he watches Friends religiously with me. And he watches Desperate Housewives. He says it's for Eva Longoria, but I think he likes it.


Sabine said...

hey, i know exactly what u mean about mondays and also the summer hiatus, every tuesday morning i look at the chat with kristin too, but for the last few weeks it all seems to be about LOST, a show we don't get here in england! anyway love your DC/GG fic (my 2 fav shows), cant wait to read more!