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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memorial Day in Bed

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

I expected to have most of my writing done for "Dueling Toothpicks" and my SP challenge. Unfortunately, instead of pounding away on Gwynnie, I had to hit the sack.

I lost in the tug-o-war fight with the thistles.

You see, in my gusto to clean up my garden, I pulled a back muscle leaving me rather paralyzed and on my back, really not thinking about good Trory thoughts but how I want to howl in pain.

Hmm, yeah.

There's nothing sexier than having my usual Hugo for Women perfume replaced with Icy Hot muscle rub. Nothing more romantic than wearing a hot pack on my back rather than a cute pajama set.

So there goes my garden again for another 2 weeks. I have to work again next weekend and I doubt that the Nill-meister would go off and finish the slope for me. He'll be "cleaning" the pool for 5 hours before spending an hour pulling weeds. But that's okay. He's already heard enough of my whining.

So, really, to everyone, have a pleasant start of the summer season and enjoy the sun for me. With my luck, I'll end up smelling like an old lady with arthritis watching Madagascar with my in-laws.

And Lindsay, thank you for the support and your input. Congratulations on your graduation! I wish we had readers like you that "get" the point and pairings.

Sabine, glad to hear you're enjoying the Miseduaction series so far. It gets really angsty in the later chapters. Honestly, Graham was supposed to be a one story character. Him appearing in the rest of the series was quite a surprise.

Amy and Katherine: can't wait to read more of your stuff. I'll send you guys my stuff for beta/posting on SP when I get "romantic" thoughts in my head.


Katherine said...

Oh! No! That royally sucks that you are in so much pain. My feet are killing me from standing for nine hours every day since Thursday, I doubt that that's like pulling your back out, but I am hobbling around the house.

My sis went to see Madagascar yesterday. She has not stopped talking of it since. She even called me at work to tell me how great it was. I hope you enjoy it. I also hope that when Nicoley and I take her to see the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants that she shuts up about it. She still won't forgive us for seeing HOW twice without her. (We went again this week, but this time without the boys. They ate all our popcorn. Actually, it was better the second time around, because we now knew all the parts to sheild our eyes from. Like the finger thing, and the guy snipping Jared's leg, and we had much more of a build up to Paris Hilton dying. So it was more satisfying to watch her die!)

Rest up, heal, and then write out your story! I need me some new Trory smutt! And you definately proved that you could deliver! Plus, I know what we gave you, and I want to see what you can do with the recs!


ames said...

Yeah, Icy Hot isn't so sexy. But man does it feel good! We're old and married, the husbands can deal with a little Medicated Rub smell every now and then. It's their job to still find us sexy. :)
I hope you are feeling better! Yes, I'm selfish and want to get to read your exchange fic, but I understand the frustration of not getting the other stuff done too. I spent all weekend clearing out boxes and old clothes and books. We did the donation route today to get rid of our crap, and our office/exercise room is almost ready to finally be decorated after living here like 10 months. I love order. OOh, and we cleaned up at some memorial day sales at the North Bend Factory Outlet mall. I love that place!