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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hodgepodge Thursday

If nothing else, this day would go down in history as one of the haziest days in my entire life.

It's not like anything special had really happened. It was just... blah.

I woke up thinking that it would be a great day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping. Not even three minutes into my waking day did the sun disappear behind thick gloomy clouds! I uttered a curse, then went on with my day. For about 4 hours, the peek-a-boo game the sun was playing with me became an annoyance more than anything else.

Then I thought work would make things better. The commute to work wasn't that bad. Got on good flowing traffic until I was 2 miles away from my exit. I knew it was too good! This guy who was doing 70+ mph decided he was going to follow the speed limit of 55 without any warning. If that wasn't enough, he decided to STOP on a YIELD sign. And there was NO TRAFFIC on the main road!

I took a deep breath, counted to 10 and decided to overtake the schizophrenic driver when the road split in 2.

Work wasn't any better, unfortunately. We already started "in the hole" with first shift deciding that our shift can deal with a broken/limping instrument even though they started having problems with it before noon. NOON! My shift starts at 1500. You'd think that picking up the cradle of a phone would not take 3 hours to do. I was proven wrong.

So instead of streamlining the usual workflow, my crew was doing an impromptu "Groundhog Day" by doing things we've done more than once. For 8 hours, we did the, "Have you done this yet?... No... Oh wait, we did that 2 hours ago!"

Yeah, not so good.

I was so glad to leave the rat hole. On my way home, I didn't know I was part of the new "Too Fast, Too Furious" sequel. These two cars decided to do about 70 mph on a 35, sandwiching me in the middle. I didn't know what they were up to but I decided to drop back and let their willies do the fighting. Homey on my right decided to take the exit, his Vato breaking at the same time, deliberated whether or not to follow the fool. I was on Vato's right blindspot when he decided, without his turn signal, to move into my lane! So, I pulled back, honked my horn to let him know I was there.

So what does Vato do? Fall back next to me and turn on his interior lights, revealing 3 other passengers. I didn't look their way, just hoping they're not wannabe gangstas with guns. When I didn't pay attention, Vato decided to take off at about 80 mph on a 55, still with his interior lights on flipping me the bird.

I hope your buddies think you're cool for doing that, A--hole!

If that wasn't enough, not 2 miles off of my exit, this guy out of nowhere tried riding Ruby's (that's my car's name) behind. Granted, I was overtaking a vehicle but I had to accelerate to almost 100 just so that this guy's fender won't end up on my back seat!

I was glad to be home.

I opened my email and saw a few reviews from the last chapter I just posted. Most of them were pleasant. One was just a head scratcher:

You've never been to a college graduation have you? They don't say
names, the graduates don't go across a stage. They call majors and
whoever is graduating with that, stands up.

I took the review in stride. Granted, I have never been in a huge graduation event. I've been to my college graduation where all 35 of us crossed the stage and it took an hour to complete the commencement exercises. My high school graduation was a class of 67 females and we all crossed the stage, too. And no, I haven't attended a Yale Graduation either.

My question is, why is it that the stuff readers need to pay attention to don't get noticed and the small stuff done for effect (in this case, Rory's name was called out by the Dean during her commencement exercises and the Gilmore grandparents, Chris and Lorelai, Tristin, Madeline and Louise cheer her on while Luke quietly questions his place in a clan that has known nothing but money and prestige) are criticized? I don't get it.

I pride myself with my work. I've studied the New Haven map well enough to know that the street where Rory and Lorelai first spotted Logan with his girlfriend is acutally the industrial district of Hew Haven and contains NO outdoor cafes as portrayed in the show. All the settings mentioned in "Kiss and Tell"? All existing and approximation of distances are real. A reviewer from the New Haven area thought I lived in the area to know these places mentioned!

Reviews like this graduation one mentioned annoys me at times. "Tell Her This" is my first foray into JJ world. It's not as well received as my Trory ships and it's disheartening. What do I get? "Have more Trory action... When's the Trory action going to take place?" Readers, it's advertised as a JJ with a dash of Trory. AGH!

Now, this hodgepodge had turned into a rant. Let me just hush up and forget this day ever happened.

Anyway, Sabine, you are not relegated to "stalker status". Trust me. My last blogspot? This person kept on flaming me, posting pictures of pooh (and I mean the crap kind, not the Eeyore kind) on my review page. You're always welcome to post commentaries. As for you being into science? That's cool. We like you just the way you are. And rumor has it that Veronica Mars is hitting Europe maybe mid-fall/early winter if contract negotiations can be ironed out. So, if you stumble upon it, trust us, it's a GREAT show. The fanfics about the show are far different from the GG crowds.

Alright, too many words typed out. I need some rest.



ames said...

I can totally empathize with you on the picky-ass reviewers. There was nothing wrong with what you wrote about graduations--i graduated from a Big Ten school (Purdue), and my name was both called out and I walked across the stage. Our 'class' was so big, they had four separate graduation ceremonies, by school. The person who wrote that sounds bitter from their experience. . .
I have Trories where Logan lovers inform me Logan needs to show up. "Tristan is fine, but what's wrong with Logan?" one person asked me. Nothing--go read my Rogans! Same goes with almost all my other ships, people ask for other pairings. They need to stick to ships they like if they aren't there to appreciate good writing. And lastly, in my rant, so most of these critics write? Nope. And if they do, we should get review them, asking why their pairing can't be different.
Where do you live, with all those street races? Geesh. Sounds scary and dangerous! Sounds like you need to get a Hummer just to get to work!
keep safe, and here's wishing you good weather for this weekend!

Lindsay said...

I agree with Amy. I just graduated last weekend, there were 350 of us and they called each and every name, including the people that didn't show. I know it's wrong not to review a story, but I've never submitted any thing I've written, so I try not to judge and I don't like to critisize other people's work. Let them know you appreciate it, but some people work hard on their stories. And I'm sorry, but people really need to pay better attention to the summaries before they bitch about how much a pairing gets in a story.

Katherine said...

Yeah, I hear you. I am a TRORY writer. I have never, ever professed to be anything but. I got a few reviews for The Last asking for more Java Junkie. I was like, when did my trory turn into a JJ? I also have had a bunch of people ask me after I initially introduced Graham into the story if this was going to end with Rory and Graham getting together. Did no one catch the fact that this is a prequel? As in, I Was Called Mary Once letting the end slip? Hello!

And reviewers always seem to get caught up in the most minute, stupid detail. Like in the last chapter of Things Change, I had someone take the time to criticize the fact that I had Lorelai and Rory plotting to evade the Coffee Nazi, since Rory is 'with child' and all. And people telling me that Lori and TJ are too verbose for four year olds. I have been babysitting for about seven years now, and have sat for all different age groups, four year olds included, and they never shut up!

Plus, IT'S A STORY! It's not real. It is for entertainment value, that is all. I strive for truth, and realism in my stories, but sometimes people just miss the point entirely.

I have to admit, that I tend to be a ghostreader in a lot of cases. I do review some stuff, but for the most part, I dont. I know that it's bad, but I always give my honest opinion of someone's piece. I tell them exactly what I think, and some people don't want to hear it. I tell them if their grammar needs work, or they are spelling Lorelai Loralei, and that they need to work on some things, like not using ellipses to fill in spots where they didn't want to write something. I hate that.

Hope that tomorrow goes smoother for you. It sounds like your day sucked.

~ Katty

Anonymous said...

Haven't got a clue what you're all on about... all I know is that I keep finding references to Trory all over the internet! that's my name! I simply have to know what it means in U.S. so please... somebody tell me!!!