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Saturday, May 07, 2005

My Ad Fixation

One of the few ads I don't get tired of: M&Ms.

Have you seen the new M&M's dark chocolate ad? I rolled when Darth Vader levitated and tried to strangle Red M&M while Yellow M&M sold them out immediately.

On the latest EW, the last page has Yellow M&M dressed in the Darth Vader helmet next to Vader himself.

Yellow M&M is cool. (Yellow... My brain needs to associate with something yellow--THHGTHG)

I mean, remember the annual Santa commercial (He does exist/They do exist!)? That thing always puts a smile on my face no matter how many times I see it.

My favorite? The M&M commerical where Red M&M asks Yellow M&M to eat ice cream really fast so that he gets a brain freeze. Only, Yellow never has one. That's when Red realizes that Yellow apparently has no brain.

I cry myself laughing at that ad.

Kudos to M&M. Forever, I will be indebted to you for making me smile in seconds.

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Katherine said...

I love the M & M commercials too! I haven't seen the new SW ones yet, but then, if they haven't been on Tuesdays, or from 11pm to 3am, I probably wouldn't have. But now, I'm on the lookout for them, so maybe it'll be easier to see.

I adore the Santa one too, it doesn't seem like Christmastime without my M & M's. (Or that Ah! The power of Cheese commercial too. You know, "I didn't leave him cookies, I left him cheese" My fav.)

I think that we're all indebted to them, for I can't think of one commercial that hasn't put a smile on my face.