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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Trouble With Rory (With a Vintage Post to Boot)

One more episode before ASP graces us with the last episode of Gilmore Girls' Season 5.

Last summer, I thought Rory's foray into adultery was the lowest point of GG.

Apparently, I am to be proven wrong.

Season 5 is the absolute WORST season I've watched from this creative team. There was good dialogue but other than that, the season's plot was weak, the story seemed discombobulated and the characters were portrayed poorly.

Let's take a stroll through the agonizing season, shall we?

Rory goes back to Yale, meets Logan, knows he's an ass and yet pursues him, the elder Gilmores break up, get back together because of a dog, Lorelai introduces Luke as her beau to her parents and treat him like trash, Rory breaks Marty's heart after he does everything for her, Rory and Logan go through the we're dating/we're not dance... Phew!

That doesn't include Rory's introduction to Logan's family, her apparent incompetence in journalism according to Mitchum and now, this whole "I'm a criminal and I am not returning to Yale for my junior year"?

What happened to Rory?

I've known people like Rory in real life that have wigged out after years of walking the straight and narrow. However, they don't swing that far without alcohol or drugs as a swaying factor. One bad grade or one bad criticism would not detract them from the path. It usually makes them more determined in attaining that goal.

Remember the first time Rory got a C in Chilton? Instead of letting the grade make her leave the institution, she studied hard and overslept, ending up talking back to Mr. Medina, grilling Tristin that her name's Rory and not Mary and eventually having Lorelai garner an instant invite to Headmaster Charleston's office. She eventually ended up staying at Chilton and making it Valedictorian, right?

That was the Rory I knew.

I've said this in one of my older posts (attached after this posting) that Rory wouldn't ever make it as a journalist in the real world. An article writer in Vogue magazine, yes. Christiane Amanpour she's not. What Mitchum said was true but when did one guy's word deter her from succeeding? Or make her a criminal?

Maybe this is also another reason why I am finding it hard to write my FFs. I am discouraged with her character as she's evolved into womanhood.

High points of Season 5...

Lane letting Zach know she's attracted to him, the whole Mrs. Kim/Zach fascination over Lane's glasses, Lane realizing she doesn't want to have sex with Zach until she was married to him, ending up arguing with Mama Kim about things that stick to her head...

Wow, all things that was definitely funny happened with Lane. And Zach. And Mrs. Kim. What's wrong with this picture?

Oh and Logan admitting he's a bad influence to Rory.

Tristin, I think it's time you did a comeback!


2004-11-11 - 2:20 a.m.

Okay, in true fashion, I question a lot of things in TV land. Logic is one of them and the other is utter insipidness of TV script. However, it is one powerful tool that soothes the sometimes annoyed beast (or bitch, whatever fits first).

So I was sifting through old emails recently and one of it was a discussion D and I had about the "You Jump, I Jump, Jack" episode. Fastforward to last Tuesday, where Rory gets to meet the Yale studs (or brown nosers, whatever fits).

First and foremost, is Logan gay? I mean, he has the affinity for turtlenecks and guessing dress sizes well. Hmm, I would think he works as Vera Wang's assistant on the weekends. Someone give this guy a pedi and mani, STAT! And white after labor Day? Surely, he jests!

Second, Rory as a reporter. Now, I love the show and all but as a reporter, she won't hack it in the real world. Her pleasant and demure disposition would make her a pushover in the profession. Maybe she should look into a career in the homemaker business. She and Emily Gilmore can give classes on it.

And what's up with the camping hair? Did they supply her with a hair dresser to give her bouncy waves after "roughing it" in the forest? I know after leaving my hair unwashed for eight hours, a bird can build a nest in it. Maybe it's that Pantene magic.

Maybe she's Snow White and has birds make her hair nice. (NOT!)

After the whole Dean debacle and Logan's attempt to cheer her up, the LDB ended up dumping Rory at her home (in a limo, no less) looking like she got gang raped or introduced to the Lifestyles of Courtney Love. With the tiara, I'd go with Courtney here.

Lorelai as the Oracle? Totally buy it but I still have fuzzy math on the days/dates Luke and Lorelai got together. He's only known her for eight years yet Lorelai had never stumbled into his Diner before that? I mean, the Independence Inn wasn't that far from the Diner... And she never knew about Rachel? Hmm, maybe I am just looking into it just too much.

Okay, enough about GG...

Let's get to my other favorite topic, VM.

Weevil with Lilly Kane? Oh so devious! And Logan almost catching up to the tattoo is just too good. And V-nica's mom and Jake Kane being the Homecoming King and Queen? At least the lover angle had been clarified. So interesting, but I sort of got that first ep in. Still, keeps you wondering, no?

What do you think will that do for Duncan (who I love calling Donut thanks to his sister) and V-nica? Weevil action? I wanna see some!

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DeAnn said...

I don't love Rory anymore, but I actually like everything else about season 5.

I don't even know if, at this point, it's possible to redeem the Rory character. But Lorelai makes it completely worth watching. And Sookie. And Luke. And Michelle. And Paris. And Emily.