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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Abd-asmd-capadsd... Blah. Arrange the letters accordingly.

Those are the vowels and consonants that spilled out from the tip of my tongue when I finished watching Veronica Mars.


Rob Thomas is a smart guy. Somehow after last week's ep, I was thinking that Aaron did the deed with Lilly but I just thought Daddy E was just a pig... not slime! Ewww, pawing his son's girlfriend? What a scuzz ball! What was Lilly thinking?

I felt so bad for Logan. Wow. He cried when he found out that V sold him out. And that they're broken up? He doesn't even know that daddy killed his girlfriend... Twice! Boohoo.

I have a strange feeling that next season, Ronnie is going to be back with the 09er club but who's going to have her as eye candy? Logan, the guy who's obviously not over V or Duncan, who is relieved that he can resume a relationship with his ex now that he found out that she's not his sister? I mean, they've consumated their relationship already, right? I know I'm reaching here but what if Troy comes back? God, I hate bad boys.

Somehow, I am feeling really bad for Meg. She did love Duncan. Does he still feel the same for her after V's revelation?

I'm glad that Weevil didn't beat up Logan. I am glad that Alicia came back to Keith after Lianne's deceit. I am glad that all the men that I love in the show remained in one piece.

Now I'm sad. No VM for 3 months! Gack! What am I supposed to do for the next three months? I know I will finish watching GG Season 3 in a day and a half.

I guess no one at work's going to win the pot. If anyone claimed that they knew Aaron was the murderer, I'd they they're liars.

Guess I have to hit the VM FFs now that I have time. I'll let you all know what are deemed readable.

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ames said...

Do we know Weevil didn't beat up Logan? I know he didn't need any help in that department, but they never went back to him.

I'm thinking it's Duncan that came to V's door at the end. It has to be, right? Gah. It was rather evil.

Did you think Rory was poo-pooing the idea of Luke and Lorelai having a family? When she was 'so relieved' when Lorelai wasn't pregnant, because Luke wasn't much of a 'family man?' Does she realize how much Luke has been there for her during her upbringing? I thought that was weird. And if Logan doesn't have a FIT when she finally tells him what his dad said and that her plans are to not go back to Yale next year because of it. . . then I'll sign the I hate Logan Club ledger in blood. I promise. I hold out hope that he'll convince her that his dad is doing this on purpose and that she can and will make it in journalism. That this was her first real world experience and she has gone out and gotten a story--the LADB anyone? Geesh. I wanted to kill Mitchum.

Okay. Done ranting. TV land was the only land in which I felt sane today. Back off to reality.