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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Going Where Geekiness Resides

Alright, I am a geek.

So geeky, I need to post my name in front of theaters proclaiming my geekiness.

I had been one of the fortunate 200 Star Wars patrons that got to see Episode III at midnight.

Surely, it wasn't by intention that we got tickets for the viewing. I was reading the paper last Sunday when it was advertised that the theater 5 minutes from where we resided was still selling tickets to the event. Truly, it was a misprint but Nilly and I headed out to the ticket window a few minutes after reading the article to see if the story's right. P Nilly and I lost hope in viewing the said midnight viewing when the Regal Cinema sold out its midnight viewing within 40 minutes of tickets going on sale.

Hence the 6pm tickets bought for 19th.

This is the second Star Wars movie I got to see at midnight. I watched Episode I in Germany after Nilly stood in line for 3 hours just to get tickets.

Other movies I've watched at midnight? Lord of the Rings 2 and 3 and X-Men 2.

This is, however, the first movie I'll be watching twice in a theater in a 24 hour time frame.

It is worth it.

George Lucas did well on this one. It wrapped up all the loose threads that made I and II lame. I do understand that the 2 prequels were going to be a little slow and awkward. They are chapters that are good but not as meaty as III to VI are now that the cycle's complete.

I will not give any spoilers here in the event you want to see it. It is worth seeing in the big screen.

But I agree with Natalie Portman on this one. George Lucas is no romance writer. Despite the "romance" scenes between Anakin and Padme, their dialogue compared to the whole fighting/ jedi convo is stuttered, if not forced.

But I like it. Now I get to watch IV to VI all over again and realize how great Luke and Leia are despite the movies being made 28 years ago.

Thanks, Lucas, for a lifetime of fascination.

May the Force be with you wherever you may go.


ames said...

We're going next week, after the first week 'crazies' have had their first go. My hubby's words, not mine!

Ooh, you saw Eppy 1 in Germany? Was it dubbed in German? Ah, how I miss those days. I have three words for you. . .

Ich bin Batman!

So not the same, but we loved it anyhow.

The only movie I've seen at midnight was Saving Private Ryan. Big mistake--long movie. Saw Star Wars Eppy 1 at 7:35 am in Bellevue, at the Galleria. That was the fault of the hubby and his friends.

Okay, I'm so going to bed now.

Katherine said...

You are a geek!

But then, I'm a dork, so I'm allowed to say that. (Seriously, Orch(estra) Dork since 1996, and proud of it! It's different from being a Band Geek.)

I have to confess, I've only ever seen the first SW movie. I didn't really like it, so I never watched the following ones. Plus, I was really freaked out by the Darth Vader guy. Did I mention I was seven at the time, and very easily petrified? Probably from when Peetey used to 'babysit' me and let me watch Nightmare on Elm at the age of 5, and Halloween at 5 1/2. This is also the guy who told me that I was adopted because I was blonde and my parents both have dark hair. (Auburn and black) Yep, he is probably the reason that I'm so neurotic.