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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Three Seconds- A Blog Request

Bless P.Nilly. He truly loves me.

You all know about my WTF moment when KF's nose replaced Lorelai's pretty face.

I just had to watch the Season ending to Gilmore Girls!

It's not like it was a great sacrifice. I was still up at 1am (however tired since I was up until almost 5am writing my blogs, reading the requisite blogs from Amy to DeAnn's and watching the midnight SW viewing) waiting.

Like the tape, I still laughed at Colin and Finn (and yes, Tanc is cute. I love the accent. I think he should marry Katherine). Still pissed at Logan. I'm still pissed at Rory and the 'rents. Still loved Luke.


So Nilly and I kept our eyes barely open through the commercials and the stuff we already saw last Tuesday.

Then came the scene we missed.

Basically, it was the three seconds Lorelai asks Luke to marry her.

P.Nil and I look at each other.

We stayed up all night/morning for that? Shoot, I knew the line from the spoilers!

Thank you, KF. You need to buy me the 4.8 million dollar home you're thinking of giving to your parents. That's how much you owe me and the hubby for time lost because your nostril encroached my personal space.


BTW, the house isn't yours to give. It's your wife's money. If you're going to be generous, at least, give credit to your wife for giving you spending money.


~ Paid advertising sponsored by the Nill-meister by blog request.


ames said...

Hold the phone--your hubby not only watches GG with you, but stays up until ungodly hours with you to watch it?

You must have found the perfect man! My hubby ridicules my choice of show (Because Stargate has better dialogue than GG? Not in the universe I live in), and would never lower himself to watch it with me.

And yes, the three seconds was the whole scene.(luckily i tape three minutes on each side of the hour, as my mommy taught me) This is why I'm not reading spoilers next season. I don't want to know anything. Kept blissfully in the dark.

But KF encroaching on real TV is just wrong. I'm with you on that one, all the way.


Katherine said...

What a coinkeydink! I think that Tanc should marry me too!!! No one could love him like I do, and I promise to use my 'marriage; for the good of mankind. IE, having a chat with Ms. ASP. She needs a good talking to about this whole Rory debaucle. Plus, I would start putting the whole Trory thing back in motion. See, good for everyone, right?

And EWWW to the KFed stuff. What the hell is Britney thinking? We all know that he's gonna leave her and take all her money! Of course, her stupidity about getting a prenup kind of makes her deserve it.

I wish that we could just start a movement to ban all Britney Kevin stuff from Television. I miss VM! Why did they decide to move it to Wed? I realized today that now, I'm going to have to tape it, since Wednesdays I have a standing TV date with my Daddy to watch WW and L&O. Why me?