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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Ready To Run

Wow. Three blog addresses in 2 years. Makes me feel like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride. Makes me feel like I was back in the service. Oh well, I need the change anyways.

Today will be my 6th day working straight. Not that it is a shock to anyone who is in my business. Hospitals unfortunately don't close for weekends or holidays. In fact, people seem to flock to it more times than ever on those 2 occasions!

Lucky for me, I get overtime pay for it.

Unlucky for me, I will be trapped in a windowless building while the sun is out rather than playing tug-of-war with the weeds on my poor flower beds.

Now don't feel sorry for me. I get time off Monday. Tuesday, I will be back at work but at The Host Convention Center where I get to play photographer for the annual Milestone Celebration at the hospital. Should I call it work when I get drinks at the bar at 3pm and get served steak and crabcakes for dinner? Then, I get Friday off as compensation for working 7 days straight.

Love my boss. He's kewl like that.

Why can't all bosses be that cool?

You know what also makes him cool? He gave me time off to go watch Star Wars III. He's working my shift.

I think he deserves the 2nd Volume to the Darwin Awards Books this Christmas...

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Katherine said...

I'm part of the Cool Group?


I feel super special. I was only a member of the lukewarm group in HS, so being deemed cool enough for the cool group is...


Hope that you are much happier here at The Donut Shoppe (Would this have anything to do with VM?) And may Trollers leave you be. We wouldn't want you to have to move four times, now would we?