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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Chuckles and Accolades

Let me get this off my chest. Remember the chick who thought The Da Vinci Code was fiction? Well, she struck again.

Let me preface this by saying that she isn't the brightest bunny in the forest. She's the one that wants to test the asphalt and see what happens when she plays chicken with a MAC truck.

Anyway, the work area she was assigned to tonight SEEMS like a TON of work. In reality, it just seems like it's a lot because the instruments we use are scattered around the room rather than conveniently located in one area. Well, she kept on complaining that she has all this work to do! What she doesn't realize is that we've done a large portion of her job because work's been a little slow today and she hasn't been paying attention to the other tests she should be working on.

So, after the millionth time she said she was overwhelmed, the girl who is in charge of distributing the specimens got fed up. NEVER MESS WITH A PREGNANT WOMAN. Preggy chick tells her to stuff it. Stupid chick looks at her and says, "Excuse me?" Preggy says, "You heard me. Do you think this only happens to you when you're on it? Think again. If you could see beyond your nose, everyone else has been doing your work. Be grateful that they didn't leave you high and dry."

Stupid chick didn't like the words uttered. Before we knew it, a catfight erupts. The only thing missing was soda and popcorn. Sadly, after the verbal sparring, stupid chick reverted back to her stupid ways.


This morning, I had a wonderful time talking to Amy about everything and nothing. It's really cool that she and I like a lot of the same things. We swapped books to read (she suggested Girlfriend 44, I suggested the book version of High Fidelity and Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil), GG FF to read (I suggested Campaigning, she suggested Shivery as one of the few), being review snobs (and that's meant in a good way, I promise) and how bad some of the fics are in FF. We also discussed places we've visited in and around Seattle. In the middle of all of this, we squealed when Foo Fighters was on TV. Of course, I had to talk about my fascination with Christian Slater and Kristen Bell in S&M gear. If that wasn't enough, we talked about how we're going to turn K into a wild woman. With me and Amy assisting her transformation, Matty won't stand a chance. We also discussed K's "punishment" for working early and not being able to chat. Three things: vat of pudding, Conan-esque... Ames, do you remember the third? It's escaping me right now. Yes, K, you have to write the Trory fic having the 3 main requisites, provided Amy can supply the third. LOL.

I swear, my brain is mush. Can't remember a darned thing!


I still have to sign up for classes this fall. Right now, I am trying to sign up for classes that doesn't require me to go to the campus. It's not like it's a hard drive. If you drive and have been to college, you know how hard it is to secure parking at the campus, let alone prime location. All the good spots are usually taken by the people who are there pretty much from 8 am and will be there until 6 that night. I am not that committed. Sure, I can walk but man, it sucks! I still have to CLEP my English since they won't take my credits because I didn't take the written exam part of the course. I swear, colleges need to get together and standardize all requisites. It sucks that I have to do this all over again. And don't remind me about my PRAXIS. If I forget it exists, I might not have to take it. What? No such luck? Damn!


Lastly, I would like to share with the world, great news. Vu was in New York last week and was offered to do a one-man, 20 piece show in Tribeca. TRIBECA! You should have seen him last spring when he wasn't able to get to his school of choice so that he could continue with his Masters. Disappointed is an understatement. Who would've thunk that the reason he didn't get in was because he's on a hot streak? Apparently, the big Man Upstairs has bigger plans for my Vu-man. If that wasn't enough, he's been offered to do another one-man show for this gallery in downtown Lancaster. I am so excited for him. He deserves it. Now, I just hope he doesn't get too big for his britches and ditch us rednecks for the bright lights, big city. Who am I supposed to boy-watch with? Don't say Genghis. She's not into the boys Vu and I drool over. Hmm, the ER newbie. Blondie Army boy, look our way next time when you decide to take your smoke break. If not, at least raise that shirt of yours so we can drool over your well sculpted abs.


ames said...

how could you forget licking klondike bars off of Tristan? "like him like an ice cream dream" you said. LMAO. Oh, and the magic, silly talking cloth that orders Rory to act like a normal person!

oh, the good times.

campus parking sucks! no matter where i've been to school (three major universities, now) it's been hell. even for night classes.

So, K, are you up for our late night challenge?


We *are* evil!


Donut Shop said...

I told you I had a mushy brained. :D

I think I forgot that part because I was reliving it in my brain subconsciously.

Yes, K, when do we get to see the new fic? LOL. That's your summer challenge. A fic challenge from your friends.


Katherine said...

Interesting recs, guys. I'll see what I can do.

I did write something at work though. It's my first non trory GG piece I've ever written. I have to type it out yet, but as soon as that's done, Ill be sending it over to you guys to see what you think.

I just got an idea for that fic of yours. It's still gotta work itself out in my head, but as soon as it does, It'll be on the comp and out for the world to read!

I totally get what you mean about commuting. The first year of college I lived on campus, but then I transferred, and since my school is like ten minutes from my house, I decided to commute. And parking always sucks! I hate it. But I'm glad that I get to sleep in my own bed with my own microbe free mattress. (sound familiar?!) And my shower that only I use. I absolutely hated sharing a shower with people that I didn't know.

And tell your friend Vu congratulations from me! That is awesome that he gets not one but two shows. I stopped in on his site awhile back, and he's really talented, and much deserving of his accolades and shows.


me said...

I'll pass on the greetings. Most of the stuff that's on his site right now are the ones that might make the cut for the show. I'm just so happy about my little friend.

Non- GG, eh? Whoo, are you going to be posting it anywhere?

Info, info!