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Sunday, July 31, 2005

It's Almost Here! Scoops and Poops for the Peeps

Isn't that a cute photo?

With that being said, I am pasting here Kristin's Friday scoop which I forgot to check out and inform you guys. Everything under the sun that's VM and GG and another confirmation to the CMM/SB break-up. I've edited the stuff for content. If you want to read it just go to the E!Online website and visit Kristin's page.

Without further ado:

Jason Dohring! He's hot! He's sweet! He's not dying!

"It is so cool," Jason Dohring told me of the first episode. "You're expecting who's at the door, but it goes beyond that. There's a thing that happened on the bridge that opens a whole 'nother story that sets up a mystery, so there are four separate things that go on that are huge, huge turning points."

Lest you're worried Jason's the one being written off, he confirmed he's in every episode of season--and his overnight popularity has not gone to his head. "I still live with my folks 'cause I love it," said the 23-year-old, who just celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary.

Of course, Jason wasn't the only Veronica Mars star at Wednesday's UPN party--the entire cast and creator Rob Thomas were also there (and honestly, could not have been more lovable). Highlights you diehards should go ape-dung over (the rest of you can skip to number nine):

1. They All Knew: "We knew the murderer by episode two," Jason told me, prompting me to raise my hand to smack him. "I'm sorry! We couldn't tell you! And actually, Rob tried to tell us later it wasn't [Harry] because he was afraid it would get out." He also had a contingency plan if word got out: Duncan would be the killer.

2. They All Know the Emmy Voters Suck: I think Francis Capra (Weevil) said it best: "We're still mad at them for not givin' that, homie. That was messed up, doggy. She [Kristen Bell] deserved that award more than anybody this year, man. Take that from me."

3. The New Mystery Will Be "Bigger and Better": This according to...everyone. Can't see how that's possible, but here's the scoop according to my favorite (shhh, don't tell), Teddy Dunn, aka Duncan: "The new mystery? There is a murder, or murders. I should say death, or deaths. It is not exactly clear if it's a murder or not, but you do find out within the first minute who's at the door." Er...huh? Rob Thomas simply said, "The new mystery is big. If something happens, and you're wondering if that's the new mystery, it's not."

4. The Person at the Door Is... "I still don't know!" Kristen insisted (or rather, fibbed; see item one)."But I think Duncan is at the door, because if you create a Romeo-and-Juliet scenario, you have to satisfy your audience, and I think that Duncan would do that. They are star-crossed lovers, and I would be most satisfied, and I think the audience as well. Even the people that think they want Logan, I think that Duncan would satisfy them more. So, I hope it's Duncan!" Rob Thomas had a different take: "It's strange. It was the study-hall teacher, Mr. Wu. A lot of people didn't see that coming. But when she says, 'I was hoping it would be you,' he turns around and says, 'It's Wu!' " (How pissed would you be if he wasn't kidding?)

5. Deputy Leo Will Be Back--but Not for Long: As you can see from the highly professional photos we took (that's me trying to flash a "VM" at the bottom), I spent a little time in a photo booth at the WB party with Max Greenfield, aka Deputy Leo, aka the guy I'm still convinced is a dead ringer for a dark-haired Scott Speedman (if only for the voice). Though he is coming back to Veronica Mars, it won't be for more than an episode or two, because he has a new midseason WB comedy called Modern Men. The good news, for him, is that it's a Jerry Bruckheimer series and looks cute. But, of course, he will be missed. (And FYI, Max could not be a sweeter guy. He actually spent a good half-hour or so humoring Richard from Beauty and the Geek--one of the rudest and cockiest people I've ever met, no joke.)

6. The Self-Proclaimed "Bitch in the Bikini" Is Fierce! Charisma Carpenter, who has been hitting the gym twice a day and "doing a ton of cardio" to prep for her bikini scene, said her character will give Miss Mars a run for her money: "Veronica better watch her back. She may be a tough cookie, but she's never really dealt with such wicked fierce competition. My character was a Laker girl, you know. I'm just more experienced at being a snotty-nosed brat."

7. The Kiss Was "Weird": When I gushed about the kiss (you know, the kiss between Logan and Veronica) to Rob Thomas, he replied. "That's really cool. Here's the thing: I was a little disappointed in it." Say wha? "The script said, 'He devours her,' and I felt like it came off really romantic and sweet in a moment that I thought was going to be a little more twisted." Meanwhile, Kristen said it was a bit "weird because Jason and I are such good friends that we were kind of like, 'Um, do you wanna talk about anything?' He was like, 'No, I'm cool.' I'm like, 'I'm cool, too. You know, whatever.' So, we were like grade-schoolers about the whole thing, and it was weird, because he's like my brother, you know?" All I know is it was good.

8. The Necklaces Did Have a Point: Just not what you thought it was. I have the scoop from Jason and Kristen and will tell you in Monday's chat.

9. Veronica Mars Eps Air Friday on CBS! Yes, CBS! The pilot airs tonight (Friday) along with another episode. Okay, not exactly scoop, but the best and last chance for newbies to get on board! Please do!

More Gilmore Goodies: Along with the scoop in this week's chat, I can tell you that Rory's going to be going all Ryan Atwood (of The O.C.) in the new season: "Emily is making over Richard's pool house," Edward Herrmann (Richard Gilmore) told me at the WB party. "That's where Rory is staying, and we're getting her ready for her first court appearance, talking to a lawyer, etc., so it's an interesting episode." Adds Kelly Bishop (Emily): "It's literally the next day after the season closer. And Emily's really very happy."

As for the show's continual Emmy snub (which Lauren Graham addressed in the chat), Herrmann said: "We feel rotten, frankly. We can't understand it, after five seasons of a show that's written with passion and wit and some wonderful acting. The whole show is well done, and not to be recognized after five seasons, something's not right. I don't know whether it's a backstairs problem between the Emmy committee and WB, or egos, I don't know what it is, but it certainly doesn't have anything to do with the actors or the people making the show. On the other hand, you say ouch, and then you just go on, and you say thank you to the critics, thank you to our wonderful fans, and keep watching, because we think it's good." We, too.

Message Boards! Just a quick thanks to all of you who have started checking the message boards on a regular basis. I'm hooked on 'em and totally love being able to give you timely, breaking scoop, and reading your astute responses. The only downside, I feel a bit sorry for those who haven't yet checked out the boards and are reading this column cold, for if the visuals on page two are any indication, there's always much, much more to a story. (Ha! Don't you love it?)
See you on the boards! Ooh, and speaking of...

Blind Riddle of the Week: Just an update on the Big Breakup blind riddle. This poster couple for one of the main six networks is definitely doomed. I'm told it's probably a matter of weeks before we'll get the official news that this adorable just-married couple is already through. We'll hold a little vigil when we do hear, mmm-kay?
(Oh yeah, and most of you are guessing correctly.)


Katherine said...

Thanks for the scoop!

I'm so excited to watch the first eppies. GG is right around the corner, it should be only about six weeks away! And VM's not far behind. It actually premieres on my baby sister's birthday, and she's all excited. She wants RT to put Logan at the door for her as a bday present. I'm inclined to agree.

Rory is an idiot. Richard must be a pod person. For someone who knows how much Rory loves Yale, he's certainly very blase about her giving it up. Emily? I don't think that there are enough mean nicknames I can give her to cover it.

I'm so glad that CMM and SB are breaking up! I'm so getting my 200 bucks! New Shoes, here I come!


me said...

Hey, make sure you take a pix of the shoes when you get them. We can entitle it "How to Bet on a Failed Marriage from the Start".

Loved your SP rant. I am so doing a blog on it.