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Monday, July 04, 2005

Paul Anka Meets Soundgarden

Yes, you read the title right.

And I am ashamed.

If Chris Cornell was dead (I know for a fact he is still alive and kicking performing with Audioslave) he'd be rolling in his grave.

It was weird walking through Barnes and Noble (after conversing with Colin, of course) and being able to sing to a swing song. Yeah, you can sing to Dean Martin or Tom Jones hits but not to Paul Anka covering a Soundgarden song!

Then I thought, did Soundgarden DO a cover song?

Google and iTunes saved the day.

In iTunes, Soundgarden was given credit for the song (A-Sides, Soundgarden (c) 1994). Since then, there are at least 8 covers, most swing/jazz! One was an industrial-metal sound and the other was an instrumental Jamaican drum sound. Really eerie.

Wow, Paul Anka. Stick to songs like "Daddy's Home".

If that wasn't strange enough, Nilly, the BIL and I watched "Cursed".

And I agree with the general consensus, the movie was more funny than scary. Not that it's bad. It's like Army of Darkness minus Bruce Campbell. Joshua Jackson was good (that saying Kevin Williamson wrote the flick). He lost some of the puffy bloated beer weight! Christina Ricci (who I think should play American McGee's Alice in the movie) has a really scary look. Milo Ventimiglia was entertaining as Bo (and as a gay guy, he made the movie more hilarious!). Michael Rosenbaum with hair is actually good looking and un-Lex Luthor-ish.

Is it an owner? Hmm, maybe if it was on sale in the bargain bin. TNT movie? I'm there.

Well, Happy 4th to all of you. Now leave me drooling over Chris Cornell... Ew, Paul Anka keeps on stepping in! Stop it!


Katherine said...

Cursed is pretty good, isn't it? My friend Nicole and I went and saw it when it first came out, we were entertained. I liked JJ in this one. Usually, I'm not that crazy about him, but I really liked that scruffy look he was pulling off. And Christina Ricci needs to let her hair down a bit more. It's so severe pulled so tight away from her face like she always wears it. (the instant face lift look is out!) And MV was great. I loved the parts with him, and usually, I can't stand him, so I thought that was a plus. (I was really bitter about Tristan leaving when he entered the scene on GG and it didn't bode well for my enjoyment of his character.) All in all, a good flick. But I agree. Bargain bin I'd buy. Full price, I'll put the money towards more important things, like S1 of VM.


Katherine said...

Oh, and Happy Fourth of July!

Enjoy sparklers and contraband fireworks, unless you are gonna go and see the legal ones!


ames said...

Told you! MV is perfect in that role. The whole movies, the hubby and I were laughing, my cheeks hurt by the time I left. I would like to rent the unrated version, but I'm not buying it any time soon. it'll hit the five dollar rack at Wally World or something. Then I'll be tempted. Because MV is hot. There, I'm not ashamed.

That music sounded. . . scary. And wrong. Scary and wrong. My brain can't even quite compute. Of course, that is the norm this weekend. I couldn't write much and it's backing my brain up.


Katherine said...

Let me just say, the unrated version is way, way, way more graphic. The scene where Shannon Elizabeth dies is really tame next to the unrated version. They show her ripped in half, but not dead, and dragging herself across the ground. And there's a part with JJ and CR making out, and when she bites his neck in the movie, she actually comes away with a huge chunk. I'm all for horror movies, and I like to be scared, but I just thought that these moments were a touch overkill. Especially the SE part.


So beware. I didn't realize that th is was on there, and Nicole and Adam and I were thoroughly grossed out.