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Sunday, July 31, 2005

In Your Face

Wee! If you haven't read Katherine's latest stories, do so. See that little Seasonal Passion link on my menu bar? Click on it. I dare you.

Katherine is one of the most hard working individuals I've known in my life. One of the gutsiest, too! She's like that In Living Color skit where the Jamaican had 110 jobs. I wonder where she gets the energy and time to sleep and write!

Anyway, for those not in the know with the Seasonal Fic challenge, our little K here was a little delayed in her story submission. Little did anyone know that she's pulling 2 jobs, playing moderator to the SP site, had to go on vacation, and do laps with her sis in the morning!

Listing it, I am already exhausted.

Well, little Ms (and for now we'll say is a female) Anonymous was trying to be sarcastic about K's slip-up for not posting hers story on time.

Well, sugar, it was my request and I was willing to wait. I knew K wasn't going to be disappearing. And yes, if you are so hell bent on having the fics up, why don't you request to write one of the fics? It isn't as easy writing a fic when there are rules to follow and do's and don'ts to accomodate. Mine requested "no cursing". She magnificently worked it in despite the "huh" moment it caused.

So, my tribute to a great friend and writer, here's her rant for all of you to enjoy:


Okay everybody. I get that you are all anxious to read the new fics. I am too, but the writers have families, friends, jobs and in general, a life that doesn't include sitting at a computer typing out the stories. We post them as soon as we get them.

And remember, as always, that you can't rush greatness. Some fics takes more time than others. I personally, would rather wait a little while to get a great fic, than to have someone write something shoddy off the top of their heads to appease the readers. So take a chill pill.

And yes, I took a long time to post my story. Some of the writers are as well. But to be rude and snippy about it is unacceptable. Unless you are willing to sign up and write your own fic, you don't really have any room to complain. And if you, Anonymous are a writer in the exchange who's fic hasn't been submitted, I'm sorry about that, but if you are having issues with how Sara and I handle the exchange, please email one of us in private, or at least announce yourself, so we can address your issues.

Okay, end of rant. Thank you for reading my PSA of sorts.



And K, you made me and Amy happy. We both love you to bits!


ames said...

we do love her. And K and I miss and love you! You've not been all chat-able! Hope you're getting some rest, and all that good stuff. It's been an insane weekend. I love K's new stuff, and her rant, which I found tonight after dinner at the in-laws--which was impromptu, and I'll blog about tomorrow.

I have to much reading and reviewing to catch up on. Not to mention writing.

And i'm nowhere near as busy as K! I only have one job. Unless you count caring for the hubby. Full-time, baby! You know the drill.

I feel unproductive now. I must go and sleep, so i have time to become Wonder Woman in the morning!

love and hugs,


ps--anonymous totally deserved all of K's comments on the blogs. people were getting crazy, even asking me on my blog what was up with the late fics. . . patience, they will all learn patience as they become as old as the two of us!

Katherine said...

A whole Blog about Little old Me?

I'm all Verklempt!

I love you guys too. And I'm so glad that you guys love your fics, because they were written for you, with great care. M's fic, while I may have held it hostage, came out better than I expected. But your words make me blush tons.

Anonymous brought it on herself the moment she called me out. I had to rant as soon as I saw it. Her comments were completely innapropriate, and I wasn't going to tolerate some 14 year old to try to call me on the carpet without retaliation. I have no patience for people who are going to bitch and not do it in public. I always sign my reviews and comments, because it's common courtesy. So HAH! to her. It definately made me feel better to say that.