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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oh Grow Up!

Ah, yes. It's that time of the year again.

P.Nilly and Rick are starting their draftboards for this year's NFL Season.

This should be a good year. I'm praying it would be a good year.

I am breaking P.Nilly's rule of not talking evil about the Eagles.

I have to. It's killing me not to.... AGH!!!!!!

Terrell Owens, grow up! You are as bad as Randy Moss. Maybe worse! I still want to know what family he's feeding. I don't think he's married or that he has illegitimate kids around the U.S. but honestly, don't you think his family can survive on a measly $3.25 million this year? He got $7M last year. God, if he already spent that, he's got bigger issues.

He always says he remembers being poor. Then what kind of crap is he pulling? A majority of the American public survives on an average of $50K annually. Yes, there's not much room to buy a Hummer every month but there's enough to indulge on a popcorn and drink when watching a matinee.

I remember when Nilly told me not to speak evil of him when the Eagles got him last year. He knows how much I despise him. When I met him at the 49er camp in 2002, I thought he such a show-off (and wuss). He was not as friendly as Dana Stubblefield. He definitely wasn't engaging like G-Hearst. He surely wasn't as laid back as Jeff Garcia.

Go on. Be a Falcon. They're probably the only Birds that would have you other than the Cardinals. I know the Ravens wouldn't want you after the crap you pulled on them last year just to be an Eagle. I don't think the Seahawks would like to deal with your piss poor attitude.

A few things I hope you learn from the Eagles if you do plan to leave:

Learn to read your contract. Go back to school and learn math. $45M for six years isn't bad. Of course the bonuses you got last year made your $7M look dazzling. $3.25M is not considered 'lean'.

And before I get off my soapbox, don't slander Jesus' name by comparing yourself to Him. Last time I read the Bible, he didn't renege on His contract. Jesus didn't say, "Father, I know I said I'd die in my thirties but I want out. I mean, I am famous! I could get paid doing my gigs. Plus, the groupies are hot!"

No, I don't think Jesus said those words. Jesus didn't say he needed more than a million to feed his family. He multiplied loaves and fish.

Now if you can pull that miracle I will happily eat your humble pie for you.


ames said...

M's getting all heated now. See, now this is one of the reasons I don't like most pro sports. I mean, there are more reasons why I don't do any football, but yeah.

And you're correct, I can't say as I recollect Jesus saying anything like that. It really would've put a whole new feel to the book, wouldn't it?


Donut Shop said...

I am passionate about team sports even though I participate in individualized sports. It has something to do with the 'letting no one down but myself' syndrome.

I am a cheerleader and a rather rowdy spectator.

Now if only I can get PAID to do such, I will give up my job and degree to berrate overpaid people like TO.


ames said...

Well, if it went to such a good cause as that, and I had enough money to support such efforts, I'd pay you. Maybe I'd find more amusement in watching games then, if you were there to heckle.

See all the extras I need to have fun at a football game? :)


Donut Shop said...

I am a good heckler. I lose my voice when I heckle. I so want to be part of the Eagles' 700 club only I would fear for my life since these are the same people that throw snowballs at Santa and boo at their players.

I went to an Redwings/Capitals game for my birthday and there was this 11 year old Caps fan behind me, heckling me for being a Redwings fan. I pretty much had a shouting competition with the kid. Yes, I stooped low. I think I damaged the kid's psyche.

And the losing Oly High Trojans? Hah, we had the losingest football team and these girls from Cental Kitsap sat in front of us. My girlfriend and I threw caramel popcorn at them. Their hair was sticky and full of popcorn by the end of the game. CK beat us but throwing popcorn at the girls was so worth it.

So now, aren't you seeing sports in a different light?


ames said...

I once almost beat a Buckeye fan senseless with my umbrella at an IU women's b-ball game. . . does that count?

I can totally get into sports teams I feel are 'mine': IU women's bball was once upon a time, Purdue's of course as well, the Mariners now.

Maybe you'll rub off on me, LMAO.



ickle dinkle said...

Heh. We hate Buckeyes, too. However, they usually beat the current Penn State FB team.

And yes, your umbrella incident (almost, or otherwise) is considered.

And you will see me post Sunday/Monday night posting about the Eagles, Seahawks, Lions (love the Mooch) and NY Jets (love Herm). K will be upset with me but I will be talking trash about her NY Giants wuss of a QB Eli Manning. I want him flattened out. Love his brother Peyton but despise Eli.

Oh, and I'll still be talking about our shows... Hopefully I can see them the night it airs. I have issues sometimes holding off until the end of the week and doing a TV marathon on Fridays.


ames said...

You have a present in the mail. Coming from Indiana via Seattle. P.O. lady claims ten days. It rarely takes that long, but as long as they pay attention to the FRAGILE written all over the packages, I'll be happy.

And there will be lots of bubble wrap to play with, if you're into that sort of thing. I know I am!