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Monday, July 25, 2005

Turn, Turn, Turn

It's just amazing how much we take things for granted.

The ability to walk, the ability to talk, the ability to be independent.

Today was a struggle.

I had to visit my FIL in the hospital today and it was a humbling experience. He's hurt, he's bored and he's tired. Plus, the sterile scent of the room doesn't make things any better. It doesn't help that as a grown man, he is reduced to be treated like a child: do this-do that.

All he wants to do is go home.

While these events unfold in front of me, I realize one thing. I may be put in that situation one day.

As a child, and currently, as a healthy adult, I never imagined being so weak that someone has to turn me over so I won't get bed sores, or that someone has to feed me because I can't lift the spoon to my mouth. But man, I left the place drained.

I won't go to details about being in the hospital. There definitely is a difference between working in one and living in one.

I will be glad when they tell us he is able to go home.

So for me, please go and kiss your loved ones. And smell the roses from time to time.

And don't forget to realize that the things you take for granted may be taken away from you the moment you least expect it.


ames said...

Sounds like you had a rough day of it. Andrew gave me a great suggestion today--have you ever had Boehms chocolates from Issaquah? He suggested I send some of that loving your way, since you like the Cow Chips cookies. And you could share with your FIL!

I've been nursing Andrew back to health all weekend. He strained his ACL, and can't move much. But nothing like what it must be like for your FIL. It's horrible to not be able to do the most simplest of tasks on your own. There is no worse feeling.


Donut Shop said...

No! I've never had Boehms chocolate. Sounds rather decadent. That's rather nice of Andrew to suggest it.

I'm sorry to hear that he sprained his ACL though. That has to be tough. I hope he'll be better by the morrow. Tell him to take it easy and try to keep as much pressure off it when he gets to work tomorrow.

On that note, I should say you really turned him on, though, for you to get such wonderful surprise after work if he's broken and all! LOL.


ames said...

Certain parts of him weren't strained, ahem. He fell on his twelve mile hike and hurt it that way. He's been taking it easy all weekend. He has three site visits tomorrow, which he's not looking forward to.

Boehms is yummy! I'm not sure if they have a site, but they must. It's a very Issaquah thing to do. His whole family gives it out for major holidays. And we take visitors there, to the little German-esque shop. The workers even wear little German girl outfits, with their hair in double braids--it's a kick.


ames said...




Ickles said...

OMG, little Germany outfits? Too strange.

Remember the GG ep where Lorelai was picturing Luke with a Canadian mounty hat? Yeah, well, those girls wearing GE outfits make me think they might be candy stripers at day, candy strippers at night. LOL.

I'll check the site out in a few. Hope Andrew recovers well!


ames said...


you're dangerous to take places, aren't you?


dinkus said...

LMAO, blame it on Bad Santa.

OOC people bring the odd and the crazy out of me.