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Monday, July 18, 2005

New VM News

So, did you miss me?

I hope you did.

I do blame my absence on two things, the first not having Amy and K around. Of course they have a life. Of course the go on vacation (to that, a belated Happy Birthday shoutout to the everloving A). They are not like me, stuck in the rut of society, working without a chance of having time off until probably hunting season when I'll end up cleaning up the house and preparing for winter guests while Nilly, TOM and the BIL go off in search of Bambie.

The other reason? Weather. Bloody, stinking, humid weather. I detest it. You could walk outside and actually wring your shirt the moment you step out. I wish I was lying. I could hear the compressor working extra hard when I was driving to and from work. (Yes, I drove to work this morning thinking I was pulling a double. However, selfish b*tch thought it was unimportant to tell me that I wasn't needed. So I wasted an hour of driving round trip and missed out on some quality sleep. I worked a single today so I guess I shouldn't complain all that much. However, Thanks, wench. I hope you don't sleep well tonight). Oh, sorry, I was rambling. So far, we've had 4 days of thunder and lighting with the occasional rain to add to the mugginess. I missed out chatting with K before she went on her vacation. Wagh! A, these are the times I miss Seattle. And yes, I'd trade places with you if you could plead from work that I come visit. It's worth the hassle, right?

So that's the update on my life right now... Oh, wait! I became an aunt! Last week, my cousin delivered her second baby, another boy. I still have to talk to her and get all the details but I'm an aunt again. I thought that was cool. Zachary, I know you still can't read but I just want to let you know, you're not the baby anymore. Hope you set a good example as the eldest.

Now that's out of my system.


Yes, it's Monday... TV day! Thanks to Kristin's chats, I've got the goods on VM. And no, GG fans. No news on that front... yet. The only thing seen so far is that David Sutcliffe (Christopher) hasn't been scheduled to appear as of yet. Dean won't be interfering anytime soon because Jared Padalecki's off doing his own show with Jensen Ackles. As for Jess? Well, rumor has it he might be back for one or two eps but does that mean he will literally get killed off from the show since he said that's the only way he (Milo V) would sign for the remaining eps?

Now, on with the SPOILERS!

From bondino: Veronica Mars! Is Veronica going to be with Logan? Entertainment Weekly called him her "boyfriend." Are you not telling us something?

That was presumptive. I can only tell you that it is Duncan or Logan at the door, and that she will be dating an "oh-niner" in the season premiere. According to Rob Thomas, there's a scene in the premiere where Weevil confronts Veronica about dating an oh-niner and says something like, "How was your year of living dangerously?" There's going to be more of the class struggle this year, including a specific event in the season premiere that exacerbates the conflict.

From mini: Is Charisma a regular on Veronica Mars? And any news on the DVD?

Charisma Carpenter is slated to be in at least seven episodes. Steve Guttenberg will be in at least six. As for the DVD, it's coming out Oct. 11 and will have the original pilot that we critics saw (which I liked better) and deleted scenes.

From randydell: Any more cast announcements for Veronica Mars?

Two big announcements are coming this week: (1) The casting of Veronica's new friend, who is presumably African-American; and (2) I am told that Dawn Ostroff will make a "very interesting" Veronica Mars announcement during her opening comments this coming Thursday at the TCA Press Tour.

First and foremost, I can see the confrontation Ronnie and Weevil are going to have. I am biting my nails in anticipation (and I don't bite my nails at all)! Will Ronnie keep her distance from Weevil? Does the requited 09er status make their little truce unbearable? Remember when Weevil smashed Logan's headlights for Ronnie because he was being mean to V? That's what the show's about. Angst, baby, angst. I hope they don't write off Weevil in a bad light. At least give him a way back in if VM picks up and they get a bigger budget to get him back in the show.

Second: Not being a Buffy/Angel fan, I have no clue as to who Charisma Carpenter is and if she'll be a good fit for the show. Will she be Beave's mom? Tan-tan-taaaah! Steve Guttenberg? Wow, I could see Harry Hamlin as a baddie but I can't see Steve Guttenberg other than the dad in 'Three Men and A Baby'. Comedy relief, if you must. You know who I think can be a baddie dad? Tina Majorino's (Mac) dad in 'Corina, Corina', Ray Liotta. Now he I can see conspiring with Aaron Echolls. He I can see telling Beave to be an ass. However, that's my dream baddie dad.

Lastly, Dawn Ostroff making an "interesting announcement". What, all this is a joke? Other than being prez to UPN and sabotager of all things good in VM land, what does she have to say? I hope it isn't anything dumb that could ruin the show. I think she already has too much input on the comings and goings of VM. LEAVE IT ALONE, wench! Let RT and his team work their magic.

Is it Fall TV time already? I can't wait to put the VCR back in working order.


Katherine said...

Hehe... Steve Guttenberg. I don't think I've seen him in anything since Three Men and a Little Lady. And that wasn't exactly the best note to leave on. TM&aB was funny, but the sequel is just another example of why people shouldn't make sequels.

Charisma, I'm kind of excited about. I love her. She was fantastic on Buffy, and while I kinda stopped watching Angel and Buffy after there was no chance of any more crossovers, and Oz leaving, and then killing Buffy... I still am interested to see what she'll bring to the table.

I hope that EW is right, and that Logan is V's boy. I can't describe how much I want that relationship to work out.


Ickles said...

I have the nigging suspicion that it's Duncan that's on the door and that would be V's man. The LoVe interaction will be put on hold...


ames said...

yeah. i think it's going to be Duncan because we all want Logan. . . As for Steve G, it kind of saddens me. I mean, the guy fell off the face of the earth for a reason, didn't he? I thought he was sort of a so-so actor to begin with. . .Can't see him on VM. Interesting.

Can't say anything about Charisma, I never really watched Buffy, so I have no comment on that. The world may end, I know. Me, with no opinion. . .


ickles said...

LOL, well that makes us two. But if she's going to be Beave's mom, whoa....

Katherine said...

Charisma is actually really good. SHe has the experience at playing the Vapid Whore-ish character. It'll be funny.