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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Deed Is Done

For all those waiting to send their anniversary cards and presents to the lovely couple, hold up.

Apparently, the celebration's not taking place.

I gave them 14 months. I think K gave them a year. I don't remember what A's time line was but we KNEW things were too good to be true.

Without our lovely Kristin to give us the scoop, this was taken off from her message boards:

JUST heard that a certain network's BIGGEST COUPLE (both on and off the screen) is officially splittsville. Shades of Jen and Michael ... and possibly detrimental to the show, given the last episode of the season.

So sad, because they haven't even been married that long!

But I also hear they were somewhat troubled from the start ... given one of their wandering eyes.

If you're still puzzled, let me give you three clues: The WB, Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush.

Will CMM be taken back to the cabana fold? I don't know. Women are supposed to bond somehow over things like this unless she caused the chaos.

Lordy, what a mess we have in our hands!

If that's not enough, Ames is threatening Kristin for trying to steal MC from her:

I'm hearing that Rory is actually going to pull something of a RYAN on the OC this season ... You will see what I mean.

But it's going to take HALF A SEASON for her to reconcile with Momma Lorelai. (Say wha?)

and LESS THAN TWENTY MINUTES for Luke to answer Lorelai's proposal.

Also, I think I may have a new future husband who is Gilmore related. ... Matt Czuchry could NOT be more adorable, kind, humble and lick-worthy in person.

So if you see Kristin, please let her know that one POed Amester is giving her fair warning. Stay away! :D

I still say that Luke will turn down Lorelai's proposal. What do you think?


ames said...

my retort is: Woot! HA is back on the market; Luke will accept (or turn the question back on Lorelai); and Kristen needs to step back! The only one doing any licking here is me!

At least, in my dreams, I'm doing all the MC licking. And caressing. :) See, I'm already starting to think Smut thoughts. SummerSP fic here I come.

Thanks for the read over on AR, it's going up now. I'm touched by your words. And I won't tell anyone about your current fic preference. ;)


jackie said...

Aren't you just full of "must-know" gossip. So Rory is going to pull a Ryan...go work construction?, burn down a house?, live with a new family...the possibilities are endless.

On a different note, I am hopeing to send you the latest chapter of my story. Thanks again!

Katherine said...

I'm doing a happy dance right now...

Do you know why?


I knew I would be right. I mean come on. CMM and SB weren't going to last. They didn't know enough about each other, they'd been together for what, less than a year when they decided to get married, and with them both having these careers that were taking them all over the place? If they didn't break up in a year, I would have been shocked.

But they did! And it made me rich!

So, I say to CMM, don't be sad, don't cry, just quit your job and get your ass over to GG where you belong!


Still giddy! Thank you for the cheer up!

Katherine said...

I think that Luke'll accept it. Then Lorelai won't tell Rory for a while, and it'll cause the rift to grow.

Just my thought!


inky dinky said...

Eep! But the Twickham house is going to be put back in the market. So you think the romantic notion of getting the house will continue over the crap shack?

I haven't seen the 'real news' that the couple's already in splitsville but it's just a matter of time, right? Kristin is almost NEVER wrong.


Lindsay said...

Squee Am I the only one stoked about VM going to CBS? After I did a little looking around I figured out that the UPNs affiliate in DM is the WB, so No VM here. But if it's moving all is well.
Damn Now I need to go buy more tapes.
As for CMM and SB, has a relationship ever formed on set lasted? Seriously, knew that was going to throw the show off. Eh.

dinkus said...

LOL, Lindsay! For your sake I hope CBS DOES pick up the season and show VM on both UPN and CBS. It rocks.

I know about the tape dilemma. I have too many and I don't know which ones to tape over. I probably just have to let go somehow.

And I do feel sorry that CMM and SB are broken up but at the same time, what were they thinking!