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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More VM and One GG Scoopage

Now that the chat transcript is up, Kristin has given us more juicy morsel to suck! Some are tidbits we've known, a few, brand new. Now all this is from E! Online so go ahead to their site or read up on what we just care about.

Without further ado, let's commence the reading!

From kellygirl: You said in the message boards it was a "beLOVEd" actor. Please tell me it's not Logan! I'll freak.

Oh dear god no. Heard from Jason Dohring himself that he is in every episode this season. Kristen Bell tells me, "There is going to be so much drama with Logan you guys can't even keep track!" I've heard what happens in the first episode and can say, you guys are gonna flip.

From ballue: Veronica Mars is going to be on CBS? Jump back!

I know! Honestly, you guys, this is the time to get everyone you know to tune in, because CBS is airing back-to-back episodes, starting with the very first one this Friday! So great. This Friday has two episodes (the pilot and "An Echolls Family Christmas"), then single episodes the following Fridays, Aug. 5 ("Clash of the Tritons") and Aug. 12 ("Ruskie Business"). "I'm hoping that us airing on CBS will make all the difference, and we'll finally get the audience we need," K.B. says.

From davidbellum: What did Rob say about the new mystery on Veronica Mars?

His words: "I think the new murder mystery. Murder? Did I just say murder? The new big mystery...I think the new big mystery is fresh. It doesn't have the feel of last year's. It's not simply a friend of Veronica dies and we all...It has a whole new feel to it that I think is going to be compelling and bigger. And we were fortunate last year; the writers finished all our scripts when we still had time left in our contracts, so we actually spent the last month working on season two. So, we're way ahead of the game."

K: Is the mystery a murder?

R: There's death involved. There is death.

K: Somebody we already know?

R: Possibly. Possibly.

From ciahobella: How was the UPN Party!?

So fun. I rode the Ferris wheel with Duncan and Daddy Mars. It just may have been the highlight of my career. And actually, funny story, Enrico Colantoni agreed to go on the wheel with me on one condition: that I start a Save the Shave! campaign for him. I'll explain. Right now he has a goatee and is hell-bent on keeping it (have to say, it is rather sexay). Apparently, Les Moonves is insisting he shave it off, because he feels protagonists should never have facial hair. (Somebody tell that to Santa!) So, we're asking that you send a lock of hair to Les at CBS with a letter of support for Enrico's goatee. Save the Shave! And do it soon, 'cause they're starting to shoot this week.

From mandyhre: Did you chat up Kristen Bell?

Yes! So adorable, and I'll tell you more about the party in this week's column, but for now I can tell you what she says about the new mystery: "It's less personal, less close to home than the mystery of Lilly was. This is a more broad, helping-the-town kind of mystery, which is kinda cool, 'cause Veronica gets to be a little more outgoing and extroverted than she's used to. She's fighting for everyone, as opposed to just fighting for herself."

From moonofblue: So, Kristin, did you get a chance to pinch Jason Dohring without wifey finding out? Personally, I would
have gone with the "Oops, I spilled a drink all over your front! Let me help you clean that up."

Dammit, why didn't I think of that? No pinches, but I did manage to rack up a story that hence forth shall be called "Jason Dohring('s Manager) Hit On Me."

From cami45227: Any Gilmore Girls news?! I saw short-haired Scott Patterson pics. Yummy!

Delicious, no? I asked Lauren about all the craziness in the finale, and she said, "I know! It was serious drama. And then apparently some people's TiVo cut it off right as I was proposing to Luke. But I will tell you that in the first ten, twenty minutes of the show, he answers that question." (!)

From innie6: Do you know who is going to be Jackie Chase on Veronica Mars?

Rob says they've narrowed it down to three actresses--none of them names.

From veronicarlz: Is there anything else you can tell us about VM? I need more info!

Enrico confirmed that he's goin to be running for sheriff, but doesn't think he's going to win "because they like me poor." Also, "I sold a book," he says. "I wrote the book Big Murder, Small Town. And oh, the first episode is so wonderful. We pick up not where we left off but a whole summer has gone by, so we're at the beginning of the school year, and then we...we like those flashbacks a lot, so we go back and explain what happened between Logan, how Logan gets away, who's at the door..."

From brandnewhero: Do you know who's at the door?

I do. But I pinky-swore Rob Thomas I wouldn't tell you, so please, don't hate me! Here's a hint, though: There is a clue in the final scene that will give you a slightly skewed hint if you look at it the right way!

And K, we want some of that $200 you won, lucky girl!

If you guys still don't believe that it's the Murray camp that broke up, here's more proof:

From poeticlush: Anything new for One Tree Hill?

WB pres David Janollari says One Tree Hill is getting two new residents, an African-American mother and daughter. The daughter is played by Mekia Cox, from Nickelodeon's Kenen & Kel. I'm trying to dig up more! But also, make sure you read over the announcements in the message boards for something that just might add up as major OTH scoopage.

Alright, off to finish writing MNT...


ames said...

well, the site is still loading funny for me, but i must say you are the queen of scoopage. you dig it all up, saving us precious time. . . besides, it's always pictures i'm looking for. none have really been released yet, major bummer.


dinky said...

Gack! I wish blogspot would accomodate photos without me finding a third party source. I say it's a Microsoft conspiracy! :D

I'll try to scour the net tonight for major photos.

We'll see....


ames said...

use hello. . . that's what i use. you can download it from blogspot's main page, i believe.


Katherine said...

I'm now, if possible, even more excited for VM's season premire than I was before! Thanks for the spoilers, you rock.

And I don't have the money yet. Apparrantly, unless they announce that they are splitting, I don't get my cash. So CMM better hurry up and file for divorce! I have major plans for that money. It's going towards this adorable pair of heels I saw in Nine West the last time I was in there to visit the pretty shoes.


ames said...

I just bought shoes! I claim I needed them for work, which is partly true, but I was in need of a shoe fix. . .

Make them fork it over! It's all inevitable now, anyhow. Kristen says. And Kristen will continue to give out the scoop as long as she keeps her tongue to herself!

She really shouldn't even joke about licking my man, should she? It's just not smart.



Katherine said...

Seriously. You need to go over to E! and tell her to back off. MC is yours. She can have Enricho.


Katherine said...

Seriously. You need to go over to E! and tell her to back off. MC is yours. She can have Enricho.


ames said...

well, at least you guys are gracious enough to let me have him :)


Katherine said...

Well, I figure that if I let you have MC, you might be magnanimous enough to give me TS. Trade off, if you will.