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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Soundtrack of My Life

Well, this is courtesy of Amy, who'd started it. Actually, I've been thinking about this topic since I read the "soundtrack" list John Mayer wrote about in Esquire Magazine last February.

This list is somewhat cheating. The order I would be posting the songs is random. Enjoy!

1. Strawberry Fields/ The Beatles- It's apparently the first song I've ever sang. Off tune. Ask my mom.
2. Give to Live/Sammy Hager- My intro to rock. Again, blame mom.
3. Tears In Heaven/Eric Clapton- It was the song I will always remember Randy by. My first heartache at the age of 16.
4. In Between Days/The Cure- The song that reminds me of my brother on stage during his RAD days. It also reminds me of my crush on Carl and my fascination with Arnold.
5. Horse With No Name/America- The first song I learned how to play on the guitar.
6. Beautiful Dreamer/Stephen Foster- My first piano recital song.
7. Boombastic/Shaggy- Reminds me of Sarah. Our first year of being roomies in Tacoma and the snowball fight that emerged after we were woken up by the seniors in the barracks and dropped our naked backs on the fresh powder.
8. Tubthumping/Chambawamba- Song came out right before I left for Germany. One of the few Euro songs that got to me before going all out techno.
9. Dr.Jones/Aqua- Picture this: a bunch of HOT Swede soldiers, men, dressed in bikini tops recreating the Aqua video for the 4th of July celebration in Bosnia. One word: PRICELESS.
10. If Tomorrow Never Comes/Garth Brooks- One person: Scewter.
11. We Danced Anyway/Deanna Carter- My last summer in Tacoma. Marcy, Valerie and I ended up driving all around Seattle and Tacoma playing tourist and boat paddling!
12. Don't Want to Miss a Thing/Aerosmith- Nilly told me that he'd break my CD for constantly playing this song. This song had so much history between us it became our Wedding Song.
13. Someone To Watch Over Me/Sting (New York acoustic version)- My Father/Daughter dance in my wedding.
14. I Only Want to Be With You/ Twiggy & Twiggy- My fun "love" song with Nilly. We were listening to this song when he picked me up from the Frankfurt airport and it started snowing! It eventually became Nilly's Mother/Son dance.
15. You Oughta Know/Alanis Morisette- The first CD I bought as soon as I got out of Basic Training was Jagged Little Pill. I haven't heard anything on a radio for 8 weeks so when I bought this album, I was thrilled at how edgy it was! Plus, this was the time frame that portable CD players were getting to be the trend. How time flies, huh?
16. BNL/Cake/Might Mighty Bosstones- one person: Diablo Blanco
17. Sex and Candy/Marcy Playground- my wake up song almost every day for 6 months when I was holed up in the Blue Factory.
18. Eternal Flame/The Bangles- It was the song the PJ Syndicate and the Mohicans dedicated to me the day I was leaving for the states.
19. End of the Road/Boys II Men- I danced with Davy to this song at the prom. Realized that I have to meet a lot of toads before finding my Prince Charming.
20. Save Yourself/Stabbing Westward- Another person: Rob
21. For A Little While/Tim McGraw- Embodiment of Keith

I know, this should be a double CD... And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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ames said...


love that you all humor me. But it's fun, no? I mean, even just thinking about those songs and times is as good as actually hearing them... strolls down memory lane are fun. If anyone knows that, it's us.

And everyone's personal music history is so much fun. Not only does it age us (like my angst CDs being all grunge rock from '94), but it lets everyone see inside us a bit more.

can't wait for girl's night, friday! woo-hoo! We're leaving early Sat, but hubby promised I could sleep all the way in the car! I'm so set!