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Friday, September 23, 2005

Kristin's Weekly Blahs

You already know that I am a Veronica Mars fan, right? Well, here's a few goodies sent our way courtesy of Kristin.

So there's that. Go visit it. Apparently, our KB is wishing that something happens between V and Duncan. Hmm, me thinks this is a ploy for the cast to make sure fans clamor for a LoVe connection.

Anyway, the day has dwindled and I still have chores to do. Hope I get to talk to my girlies tonight. BTW, why is everyone thinking it's Lauren Graham that's on the prowl? What about Lane? It could be Michel or Sookie, too, mind you. Who else in Buffy verse is single? (Thanks for the rundown, K. My head's still swimming...)

And thanks for all of you that sent their braincells my way. I think I did well on my History exam Thursday. I'll find out for sure how well I did on Tuesday. For now, I am returning all loaned brain cells. If they come back to you mangled (or switched with someone else's), tough nuggies...



Camilla said...

Aww, you're mean. I thought you meant THE Gilmore girls only (Alexis and Lauren) Now I get think of all the others, including Paris. But I still have no idea, I could probably go and check it out but I don't find the time right now. : /

~ Camilla

Lindsay said...

I know you love being spoiled as much as I do, so here is the latest scoop on Jess's return