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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm "It"

Lindsay got Tagged by Steph and now I am continuing the trend...

Five things I plan to do before I die.
- See the La Sagrada Familia in its completion
- Compete in a marathon
- Have a kid (or kids, and I don't mean when I finally teach in a classroom)
- Go back home to the Philippines
- Get all the Mohicans and the Chicknapping Syndicate together for a reunion

Five things I can do.
- Write and draw well with my left and right hand (it's the ambidextrous monkey in me)
- Throw and cook for an inpromptu party of 10
- Freeze someone out
- Give someone, any one, a second chance
- Talk in 3 languages (and I just don't mean sprechen zie love)

Five things I cannot do.
- Read sheet music and play both hands simultaneously on the piano despite 6 years of classical piano training
- Remain upset
- Let things slide
- Fail
- Fit in to size 5 clothing (even when I was 95lb)

Five things that attract me to the opposite sex.
- Humor
- Intelligence
- Smile
- Taste in Music
- The way he introduces himself to me and how he treats me while in conversation

Five things I say most often
- Sweet (Cartman style)
- Whatever
- What the Fuck, over?
- Really? Oh, that's my sarcasm talking.
- Oh my God

Five celebrity crushes
- Tim McGraw
- Matt Damon (circa Good Will Hunting)
- David Beckham
- Chad Michael Murray (pre Sophia Bush days)
- Wentworth Miller (humina, humina)

Five people I want to do this next
-The Ickles Three (J/A/K)
-DeAnn (you need to update your blog, sweetcakes. BTW, where have you gone?)


Katherine said...

Okay, I'm heading over to do this sucker. It's actually pretty good, especially for your first time picking these suekers out! Plus, I'm sort of compelled to, since I was the one that made you do about fifty of these, so I sort of owe you, huh?


Richard & Safiera said...
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Richard & Safiera said...

Sorry for deleting my comment, don't know how or why I did it, but I'll just post it again.

I'm going to do this. Thanks for 'tagging' me. You're sweet.

Too bad I don't know five poeple with a blog.


Nic said...


I'll be doing mine soon! And yes, you should come back here! Although I would say there aren't a lot of improvement.:(