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Monday, September 26, 2005

Money In K's Pocket

So, have you heard? Chad and Sophia called it quits.


K could've used the money for the shoes.

But I digress. Who did not see this coming? Surely, every did. Except for that pinkyblue girl. Again, was it worth dying on that cross, pinky?

I didn't think so.

As Ames and I said, maybe the two timing cabana boy knew things were coming to an end when he dressed in that pink shirt and white sneakers. Was he dressed by Sophia or the costume girl he was messing around with? You know what they say about women scorned...

Still getting over the "shocker" I just announced, I will bring to you parts or the Rob Thomas interview posted on E!Online. Gosh, can't believe CMM is my newsbreaker over my VM love fest...

From Jen: Hey, Rob! Love the show. Besides Charisma and Joss, will there be any other Buffy actors this season on Veronica Mars?
Yeah. We just booked Alyson Hannigan for episode nine, playing, once again, Logan's sister. She's asked to guest direct one of the Neptune High School theater productions, but that ends up being just a part of what's going on with her. Believe me, we will bend over backwards to put Charisma and Alyson in a scene together. Whatever it takes, it's gonna happen!

From poppypetal: Are there hidden things in the show? Like things put there that the audience doesn't know about? If so, what are they?

Well, I can tell you a strange company secret. The DP last year started spelling out clues wherever he could, like on chalkboards or mailboxes or wherever, and apparently, he did spell out "Aaron Echolls did it" over the course of the last twelve episodes. However, as I understand it, the guys down on set were laughing, saying if you put the letters together, you could've spelled almost anyone in the cast, so it wasn't that big of a clue, but apparently he was edging those in. I've never gone back into the episodes to check it, and they didn't tell me until after the year was over, which is probably better. I will say that we do have a couple things this year that we think are so subtle and clever that I don't think anyone will figure out until the 22 episodes are over and they can go back and look at it again. Because we've done it once now; we kind of have our act together better this year, and I think it's a little more clever this time.

From Christina: I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, and I am paying $8 a month just to get the UPN channel to watch your show! Will we ever find Lynn Echolls' body in the water, or is that being left alone for a possible future storyline?

You heard it here first. Lynn Echolls is dead. Lisa Rinna knew when we cast her that that role was going to be two or three episodes and then she was going to die. And the reason we wanted to leave it a little unresolved there was because we needed a reason for Logan and Veronica to spend a lot of time together, in a very vulnerable place, and so that was sort of the engine that got us there. And if I come up with a great storyline two seasons from now that requires Lynn Echolls, maybe she'll have a miraculous recovery, but rest assured, fans, it's about 98 percent [certain] that Lynn Echolls has met her demise.

From Kimmie: Are we going to get shirtless Logan in season two? Please?

Yes, we are! And on top of that, he's lookin' good. He got a trainer, and that's worth recording. [Laughs.]

From Lucia: Part of the reason why Veronica always kept her guard up was the fact that she had been raped and kept it to herself, will she let her guard down a little now that she knows what happened?

It's a tough question. My fear is that Veronica will get soft. I don't think we wanna see the sentimental Veronica Mars show. Yet at the same time, I also want her to be able to enjoy happy moments when they occur, and for her to not have a sense of relief and satisfaction after last season would be unrealistic, too. I think she's going into season two with a rosy outlook, but events will conspire to not make her life real easy, so I think you can still expect a pretty prickly Veronica.

From tvjunkie1577: Is there more than one big mystery this season? And is the mystery more of a scandal than a murder?

I will say that there are two mysteries, one with greater weight than the other in terms of how we're developing it, and the second mystery is less Veronica-centric. It involves Logan a lot.

Alright, that's it for the RT interview. On to the rest of the spoilers...

From spikestrulover: I want to know who the Gilmore girl and the Buffy alum are from the message boards. Please give us a hint!

Ah yes, the Blind from the board. She's Lauren Graham. He's...hot. Even more so in person.

From addicted_to_tv: Any Prison Break scoop?

Last week was phenomenal, no? Best ep yet, I think. And here's a doozy: Michael is married.

From tmccray: Married?! Where's his wife? Will we see her?

I'll only say if you do that again in a Long Duk Dong voice. Okay, yes, you see her in the ninth ep. In fact, they're casting her now. And of course, as usual on Prison Break, the marriage is not what it seems! Also coming up, an assassin is after Veronica. And Michael might soon have to sacrifice an innocent to save the plan.

From mycatz2: Grey's Anatomy was fantastic! What's next?

Wasn't it? I think it's right up there with Lost as two of the best premieres so far this season. (Better even than the show it was paired with last night, no?) Coming up, Meredith's mom, who has Alzheimer's disease, is admitted to the hospital, and when she's there, she's gonna spill some embarrassing secrets. Also, everyone's gonna find out about Cristina's condition, because she'll collapse in pain while assisting Burke in a surgical procedure.

(2 cents: I am pissed I missed last Sunday's ep. I hate working weekends...)

From zsazsazsu: Gilmore Girls! (But also much thanks for bringing Rob Thomas in to chat.)

Thanks to him! Sookie baptizes both her kids on the same day and asks Rory and Lorelai to be the godparents. It's all part of a plot to get the two of them together, but the whole thing backfires because they end up fighting over Rory's failure to inform Lorelai about her new cell phone number.

(another cent: What are they doing to the dynamic duo???)

Alright, I know your eyes are now burning. Thanks for reading!!!


ames said...

i'm bereft! who could have seen this coming? *sniffles* oh wait...


Not that I'm excited. I'm deeply saddened, really. I mean, the fact that CMM is back on the cabana boy circuit... The Trory boards will be buzzing. But we'll always have our superiority in knowing we knew first. And that extras who think they're best friends with stars probably aren't so mentally balanced...

Speaking of which, I'm off to write some more...


Richard & Safiera said...

Wow, they finally broke up. I never thought they would make it this far. Don't get me wrong, I wish them all the happiness in the world, but I just didn't think it was in the stars for them. Andy said that she never thought they would make it to their wedding.

I'm ashamed to say that I've never seen Veronica Mars, so these spoilers and Q/A don't make any sense to me. I'll be watching the pilot from the first season this Saturday. Everybody speaks so highly about it that I wouldn't want to miss it. Andy might be able to get me the whole season on DVD, so maybe I won't have to wait 9 months to see all the epi's.

Hey M, I was wondering about your comment on my site; 'What knot did I tie?'


Katherine said...

I'm so giddy that they're done with. Some nitwit on the Trory boards was saying it was only a separation, and that she still had hope, but PUH-LEASE! Get real. It's not gonna happen. Separation = Divorce. It's just the first step.

Thanks for that info! Plus all the VM stuff! You rock!