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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Primping For the Big Night

Ooh! I wish I had one of those countdown clocks. GILMORE GIRLS is on tomorrow at 8pm. Right after it is Supernatural. So make sure you've got your VCRs, TiVos and what have you so you don't miss tomorrow's season premiere. Of course, like Amy, I will be missing the show since we both work when the show's actually playing. Grrr.

Anywhoo, here's the weekly TV Scoops courtesy of Kristin on E!, Spoilerfix and MTV. On with the show!



Premieres: Sept. 13

Luke says _____! You'll know the word that fills in that blank within the first five seconds of the season premiere of Gilmore Girls, as Luke (Scott Patterson) answers the marriage proposal from Lorelai (Lauren Graham) that cliffhanged the last season. But with all this talk of love and marriage, don't forget about the nasty ol' war brewing between Lorelai, her parents and her young'un, Rory (Alexis Bledel). "Now those problems are even worse because [Lorelai] feels like we've stolen Rory from her," says Kelly Bishop, who plays grandmama Gilmore, who redecorates the poolhouse for her new live-in granddaughter. Meanwhile, Rory and her new lover-boy Logan (Matt Czuchry) are going strong, but Czuchry promises nothing is what it seems: "I'm gonna mess [Rory] up more. I think that's where it's goin'. I think everybody's gonna be kinda messed up this next year. That's what [executive producer] Amy [Sherman-Palladino] keeps tellin' us. She keeps saying that everybody's gonna be messed up on all angles."

From dmbgirl: Hi, Kristin, I'm glad to see you are all good now! Do you have any Gilmore Girls scoop for us?

I've seen the premiere and loved it. There's a moment at the end that will make you (1) cry and (2) start drafting those ads for Lauren Graham to get an Emmy next year. That said, I'm not so much liking Rory these days. The writers are really making us more sympathetic to Lorelai.

From tomkat_4ever: Tell me more about Gilmore Girls, please!

Rory and Logan are going strong, we will see Paris again (in the first episode), and there is definitely hope for Luke and Lorelai, but at the moment, there's not much for Lorelai and Rory.

From mycatz2: I saw Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson film the second episode of GG and I want to say they looked happy.

Definitely not unhappy.

From diepanandscandie: Will Christopher be returning to GG? Am I the only one who likes him with Lorelai?

So far, there are no plans for that. But I'm sure he'll be back at some point!


Premieres: Sept 28

From bruno: Is it Duncan or Logan behind the door?!

From ace929: On Veronica, is the guy at the door her boyfriend in the premiere?

Episode 2.05: Title Unknown 
Airdate: October 26, 2005
09/12 - [The band "The Faders," an all-girl poppy rock band,] makes an appearance on the fifth episode of the series' new season to air October 26. Source: MTV

Episode 2.06: Blast From the Past 
Airdate: Fall 2005
09/12 - Veronica makes a mention that Amelia held up her end of a deal with Jake Kane and then vanished. She is trying to track Amelia down. She visits Mike, one of Amelia's ex. He and Amelia went on a trip to Ibiza but she vanished at one point. Veronica also meets with Dawn, Amelia's former room mate. She also has a chat with Clarence Weidman. Someone will go to jail. We will get news as to if Keith will get the sheriff's position or not. Dick, Duncan, Weevil, Hector and Logan also appear. Source: SpoilerFix.com

~Alright, let me take a break here. Whew. I watched "A Trip to the Dentist" twice yesterday. I aready have "continuity" issues about the whole Duncan/Logan at the door.

It can't be Logan. Before you all start throwing popcorn at me, let me explain. On Trip, Logan disowns Dick Casablancas. On the season premiere, Logan will be at the Casablancas hanging out with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Unless Logan is actually a girl and easily forgives and forgets, I can't see him be friends with the Casablancas unless he's not with Veronica anymore. Plus, it would actually lessen the impact of the brawl Duncan and Logan are going to have in the season!

On Trip, Duncan admits to V that he still loves her (despite the near incest incident). Moving on to "Leave It To Beaver", Duncan is the one that looks for Aaron after he and V watch Lilly's Pam/Tommy vid with Senior Echolls. He also found out that he and Ronnie aren't siblings.

So, with these clues at hand, who do you think is at the door?

Ask Amy. I told her that it had to be Leo at the door. I think it's a cop out to make fans happy that it isn't her ex-bf at the door.

Alright, thanks for listening to my rant...



Premieres: Sept. 29

Schedule Change Alert: Now on Thursdays at 9

Ephram is back from Europe, but don't expect it to be smooth sailing with Amy this season, because--viola!--enter Ephram and Bright's new roommate, played by Justin Baldoni. "His character name is Reid," explains executive producer Rina Mimoun. "He's a first-year med student. Amy met him over the summer while she was at the hospital so much with her mom, who has cancer, so she's developed quite a crush on our hot new young med student, but there's a little somethin'-somethin' goin' on there that complicates things, which you'll find out about in the first episode." Meanwhile, in other love-trifecta news, Mimoun promises, "The Andy-Nina-Jake triangle will also be resolved in episode one, and you'll see all the stuff you missed, like what happened right after the kiss, and you'll see who she chose. And we open the season with a big wedding."

Episode 4.02 - The Next Step: Nina is fed up with the customers of her restaurant, expecting everything to be like it was years ago. Then two celebreties stop by the restaurant, liking it a lot the way it is. Bright goes to see Hannah at Nina's house, but Jake opens the door. Awkwardness ensues.

Episode 4.03 - Put On a Happy Face: Dr. Brown helps 17-year-old Ethan with a certain man-problem, caused by his antidepressants. Ethan winds up in the hospital because of it.

Episode 4.04 - Pieces of Me: Ephram is back in Everwood and is apparently starting to be a piano teacher. Enter 13 year-old Kyle, who really knows his stuff, but is a annoying brat about it.

Episode 4.05 - Connect Four: Bright tries to coerce Ephram into a camping trip with him and Andy, but he's not really going for the idea. Jake helps a woman with a urinary problem, suggesting a surgery Edna didn't know he could perform. Meanwhile Jake is trying to get this woman out of the office so he can give another woman a botox shot. Ephram is still teaching annoying Kyle. Amy and Hannah are involved in a play. Nina and Delia are also in this episode.

Here are other shows worth visiting:

From valkyrie666: Prison Break rocks! What's next? Do you have any scoop?

Yay! So glad. I asked Sarah Wayne Callies if there will be something happening with her character and Michael (Wentworth Miller): "Oh stop it!" she exclaimed. "I'm a married woman! I've got all the power 'cause I'm the governor's daughter. I do, so he's got every reason to try and start something, but I think, I think I'm too smart for that." She also said an episode coming up very soon is all about a "nurse in peril. I honestly don't know at this point if I'm going to make it! We'll see."

From grygazol: Grey's Anatomy? George's love life? Cristina's baby?

The premiere rocks. Like, it's the best episode ever if you ask me. (It's so good that it actually made me wonder if it might be the best show on television...but I know that's crazy talk.) There are major developments with the baby in the premiere. She confides in Meredith, and they actually have a very touching (sad) moment together toward the end of the ep. And things don't go so well with the baby's daddy. As for George, there are no love developments. He's still pining after Meredith. But Katherine Heigl is certainly moving forward in her flirtation, fer sure.

Another interruption: I watched Reunion. I wasn't "thrilled" with the show but it has potential. I am keeping it on my "record" list for now. I hope by next week I will have a clearer idea on whether I would keep you guys posted with the show.

Lastly, this is an OTH update. For those that say I am an OTH hater, I am. I hope it fails. I hope it sucks big doody this season that it would force CMM to fly back to CA and reprise Tristan in GG like Milo V. with his role as Jess. But to show how much I placate (or love, take your pick) my "readers", here's your scoop on the stupid show that hasn't shown a basketball since season 1. And yes, I believe this show jumped the shark when Nathan married Haley married in their Junior year of HS. And Dan's death. Twice. Only redeeming factor? Moira Kelly and the yummy Kieren Hutchison. I hate that Jake's gone; the other redeeming factor to the show.

From niela: Any new news on One Tree Hill?

Yes! Scoop from Mark Schwahn on the latest addition: "Faith is played by the very awesome Mekia Cox. She's a girl who has sort of become a victim of her mother's career ambitions. (Her mom is not yet cast.) What we'd like to play with Faith is a girl who while confident in herself is still young and navigating a confusing adolescence. Interestingly, Faith has a history with Lucas from before we met him in the pilot. It's always fun to go into the back story and remind the audience that Tree Hill was compelling before we dropped in for a visit.


ames said...

i wanna primp!

i'm so bummed. Not that I wasn't going to tape GG anyhow; but now I have to wait until after the rest of the world has seen it to view the premiere! I'm so bummed. But it's jsut an hour. *takes a deep breath* this just isn't my week.

miss you! hope all is happy in Amishland.

Is it Thursday yet? *groans*

As for your bauble collection, it is enviable. you did get the bauble king. We figured we had to really beef up your perks, since you got stuck with the third stooge. But he's a stooge that really loves you, and relishes the sparklies on you. And he's good under the sheets, too. You didn't even have to teach him how to kiss!



Donut Shop said...

I love boys that can kiss... On top or under the sheets! LOL.

As long as my stooge knows who wears the pants, I'll be happy. ;)

Katherine said...

Oh, he knows. He knows it well.

I am so jazzed about tonight. I've got the snacks, and the company, and me and my sister have already got the countdown going! She's annoying her friends at school, and I've been sending regular email reminders and lovely IM's to anyone who was on/away. I haven't done that since Friends went off the air. It's nice to be able to annoy them all with my countdowns. Ky emailed me back, asking me to stop the insanity. Since then, I've doubled my efforts, sending him reminders every half hour.

I love my evil, semi-psychotic ways.

I agree with Kristin. OTH sucks now, and it jumped that shark the second that two HS juniors got married. Like that's believable. And Dan needs to die. Because while he's the driving force of all the drama, if they kill off the drama factor, the show will have to die. Then Tristan can come back and push Logan off the roof of whatever the tallest building at Yale is, and all will be right in my TV world again.