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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Following Orders

Since K called me out on this, I guess I should do it. Hell hath no fury for a scorned Katty! ;)

20 Random Facts About Me

1. I am vertically challenged at 61".
2. My first real date was when I was 18. I secretly "dated" a guy when I was 16.
3. I asked the drummer (in the HS band) to be my date to the senior prom. He wore jeans and I ended up only dancing 2 songs with him.
4. I got into liking sports because I wanted to impress a guy. Now I do it because I love it.
5. I learned how to speak english before learning how to speak my native tongue, Filipino, even though I grew up in the Philippines.
6. I took piano lessons when I was in the fourth grade. I did it because my bestfriend was taking lessons and I didn't want to be left out.
7. I am ambidextrous..
8. I still cry at the ending of "Running on Empty" and the song "Fire and Rain".
7. I have stalked a guy (with my girlfriends) for 3 blocks because he looked good and wore "Cool Water" cologne.
8. I don't wear make up or nail polish. I don't know how to apply either well.
9. Although I love color, I am color phobic when painting and decorating rooms.
10. I hate gardening.
11. I was so pissed at my dad at one point I froze him out for 3 months.
12. I dented a hubcap by kicking it in after being frustrated.
13. I was supposed to be stationed in Sigonella, Italy rather than Landstuhl, Germany for my overseas tour in the Army.
14. I envy Jardin, Albertina and Claudine for graduating with a 4-year degree in the same timeline I finished my Associates.
15. My favorite watch was a present I bought myself for my 16th birthday, a black-faced Swatch watch, which is now a classic. Dad gave me the money because he didn't have time to pick it out for me.
16. I knew I was going to be married to someone out of my race.
17. All but 2 of my female friends live far from me. Everyone else I communicate with via email or snail mail.
18. The best years of my life happened in the Army and I won't change a thing about it.
19. Looking back, I have attained a large number of my goals, only not in the order I thought it would come.
20. I want to be remembered as someone who loved life, been a loyal and great friend, a wonderful wife, an insightful writer and an inspiration to all.


Nic said...

Hey M! How are you?

A lot of people here learn how to speak English first before they learn how to speak in Filipino. My young cousins don't understand Filipino. It's definitely not their best subject in school. Heee

Camilla said...

Got to know lots of things about you, that was nice! :) I'm sure that when somebody think back at you in the future, they will think of you the way you want them too!! :) I would certainöly think so if I knew you in person, so I can only confirm half of the statments.

Wanna know something? Working in the garden sucks, I don't like it either. Whenever my sister plans flowers, I get bored out of my mind. But somebody gotta like it, right? LOL

I'm glad you liked my Marty/Rory video. I couldn't think of a song, then I landed my hands on 'I Believe In You' by Leanne Rimes and knew that I had to use it! :P

Had a nice weekend? Or a stressful one..? I hope you enjoyed it, and not had too much things to do! :D

Love ya! <3

/ Camilla

Katherine said...

I love all this getting to know you stuff. I'm certainly glad I stole this one, we learned all sorts of fun facts about each other!


jackie said...

This was a fun little exercise in learning more about each other, beyond our mutual love of all things GG

Camilla said...

It was D/J video but sure I'll send you the video link for it some time today. I need to get to school soon though..