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Monday, September 19, 2005

Sunday Night Blues

Alright, I know someone has it.


I left my house yesterday at around 4pm to help some friends move furniture around their house. It was a pain. Literally. I found myself getting sick after realizing I haven't eaten since breakfast and had nothing to drink! (Yes, that includes coffee). So I was getting sick in the bathroom, getting all clammy and whatnot, and decided to go to bed at 11pm.

I missed my girl time.

I missed the premiere to Grey's Anatomy.

I found out that I accidentally taped the president's speech rather than Everwood.

I missed Kristen Bell's sing-off with Donald Trump. She sang Fame wearing leg warmers!

Pleas tell me one of you has this video clip... I'll send you a cookie!


ames said...

no more manual labor for M!

I have no tape of last night's TV--I closed the store before comeing home, praising J on her amazing layout skills, and typing a few pages of the new AR chapter... which I hope to finish tonight after work...

Poor M! I can't believe you forgot to eat. I didn't realize people could really forget to eat... I've never done that!

Hope you're feeling better... chattable... I'm off at eight, which isn't a horrible hour to have hopes to catch you east coast gals!


jackie said...

Poor M, hope you aren't clammy, and that your tummy has worked itself out.

hey, i have a prez. if you want it....something about leg...warmers! Let me know!


jackie said...

Ohh, and Grey's Anatomy doesn't start until next sunday, so you are good there.

Donut Shop said...

Yay to J who's feeding my addiction! LOL. I have a cookie for you. Let me know which one. If you want fresh baked, I can have one of those for you, too. ;)

And yes, I do forget to eat at times. It's bad. I am hypoglycemic, too which compunds the issue.

I am bad...

jackie said...

You are bad!!

Ummm, I would like a, warm just out of the oven, SOFT, chocolate chip cookie. THanks!