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Friday, September 02, 2005

Can You Smell It?

Fall again, buddies. You know what that means...

Football, putting away the lawnmower, closing the pool...

And yes, TV!

Of course I am demented, you still had to ask?

Prison Break started this week and I am loving it. Wentworth Miller can be in my jail cell any time. Next week, The OC starts (for all those that watch it). Two weeks from now, Supernatural will be on. If you're into freaking out, this one's for you. But to the rest of my friends, it means GG and VM.

I just saw the previews for Veronica Mars. You won't be disappointed.

Here's a little something to set you up:

Charisma Carpenter ("Angel") Guest Stars as Kendall Casablancas, Julie Chen ("The Early Show") Guest Stars as Herself, Steve Guttenberg ("The Poseidon Adventure") Guest Stars as Woody Goodman, UPN's AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL Winner Naima Mora Guest Stars as Ms. Dumas and Jeffery Sams ("Soul Food") Guest Stars as Terrence Chase. -- After the summer fireworks caused by a dangerous confrontation with Lilly Kane's murderer and a surprising visitor at her door, Veronica attempts to settle into "normal" life, complete with a new after-school job and a return to the popular fold at Neptune High, but she gets pulled back into the investigation business when Wallace is kicked off the basketball team for testing positive for drugs. Meanwhile, Keith sits down with reporter Julie Chen to discuss his new book on the Lilly Kane murder, "Big Murder, Small Town." Later, after seeing his father arrested for murder and being charged and tried for murder himself, Logan seeks refuge from the paparazzi and relaxes poolside at the Casablancas mansion with buddies Dick (Ryan Hansen) and "Beaver" (Kyle Gallner) and their sexy stepmother Kendall. ~ Courtesy of UPN and Spoilerfix


ames said...

So, even my mom is jazzed about the season premiere. I impressed her at our sneak peekage of SN. . . I got her hooked on VM while I was home, lol, in July.

I saw a preview, too, and it's looking good.

and Wallace? Drugs? Scandal. And I need to know who was at the door! How much longer do we have? When is VM premiering? I know GG and SN is sept 13. . . And it's already the 2nd. Got more spoilers up at Fanbolt, for eppy 6--boy, Rory in party planning mode, which she definitely got from her mommy and grandmommy. She's on it. I think it freaks Logan out a bit. And some interesting Paris info--she's broke... for reasons yet unnamed. Weird, huh?

ok. Beddy-bye time.


Donut Shop said...

28 Sept. Mark your calendars, is when VM starts for the second season.

And Rory in planning mode? Hmm, methinks something's brewing in our socialite chick. I just hope she's not doing it to impress Logan.

Paris broke? Wow. Her parents' litiguous divorce finally emptied the coffers?