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Friday, September 02, 2005

GG Spoiler

Just confirming Amy's news:

Episode 6.05: Title Unknown
Airdate: Fall 2005

09/02 - At the pool house, Rory and three other people are planning an event that will require 1942 decorations. Rory even has an event assistant, Lacey, who also answers Rory's cell! An upset Paris drops by the pool house and says that she is broke. Will she agree to go as low (for Paris that is) and be a server at Rory's event? Logan is at Yale. Lorelai, Luke, and Paul Anka (Lorelai's dog), are at the house getting ready to eat pasta! Later in the episode, we will see the event that Rory and her commitee was planning. Emily and Richard are at the event. Logan's mother and a few women arrive at the event... uninvited... Sookie also appears in the episode. Source: SpoilerFix.com


ames said...

evidently Paris does get a job from Rory, and borrows money, according to the shooting script. And Shira? Not so nice when she shows up. Very rude to Lacey. *nods*

I'll Email you the transcript about our kids. K has it so detailed in my head that I may need a separate story, just for us, lol.


oh, and there was soup. After I begged for about a half hour. He wouldn't get me anything else, claiming I wasn't helpless. Just feverish, dizzy, sore and tired. But what do I know?

Donut Shop said...

I will be waiting with baded breath. Sounds like a yummy story!

And with the soup thing? Ugh. At least, if I was there, I'd make sure you had your computer, water and at least the remote to the TV! Grrr.

Okay, question in the GGverse. With Shira and the sudden appearance of the Hunzberger clan, do we really get an idea where they're from? And if they were close to the Gilmores, wouldn't Lorelai know about them? Or Chris? I hate TVverse when it doesn't make sense...

ames said...

that is true, they should know each other. Even if they were slightly older than lorelai, if they were so close with richard and emily. but then again, they didn't remember jackson's last name. . .


sent you the email. have a few giggles.


jackie said...

Yea! New spoiler. I just love you!

Rory is really getting too comfortable in the position of DAR darling. I'm not really digging it. I say that like I've watched any of the new season. Gah. That's the bad thing about side, already forming opinions.

I am excited to see rude Shira and see what ASP has up her sleeve.


ames said...

i feel like i don't want to see the new season. i'll watch it and all, but i hate to see Rory go down this path, and lorelai to be so happy without her around. i really don't want to like the dog. i don't care if his name is paul anka.


oh well. i just wanna see NekkidMC, Lane on tour and leave it at that. is that possible?


Katherine said...

I agree.

I can't wait for the premiere though. One reason, three guesses!


I just read the screener of the eppie, and he's actually got some good airtime. He's got a whole slothy monologue thing that he's going to have. I'm very excited.

The rest, not so much.

Shira is a witch. I don't think that Logan really wants a GF like his mother. Otherwise, he would have been dating the 'lovely Fallon girl' when he met Rory.

The Paris thing is interesting. I wonder if the Feds found her parents, and took all their money.

I hate the idea for a dog. Does not sound plotworthy. Esp a neurotic dog. There are enough neurotic ppl on the show without adding neurotic pooches.

I just want Jess to come and save the day, and be done with this stupid Lorelai/Rory rift.