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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Catching My Breath

This week had been too long already... And it's only Wednesday! I wish I could say I was looking forward to the weekend but I'm not. There's this thing called "work" that keeps on interfering. It definitely has to stop. I have to be like Earl, win a million and then take time off. No, I don't need to get ran over and have a Carson Daly divine intervention (or handlebar moustache or be married to trash like Jaime Pressley). I just need to quit work or school and not feel like I'm losing out on something or leeching off someone.

mini PS- My Name Is Earl is hilarious. I think it's going to be one of my guilty pleasures... Hehehehehe

What's going on so far... Not much. School's school, with a little flavor.

It's really refreshing to listen to thir graders have a conversation in regards to discovery, whether it's the discovery of division or multiplication or basic facts of life. They're all excited despite their logic being convoluted at times. Entertainingly, they actually have the right mindset to get things going in their life.

Fast forward to the Community College. Oh, Lordy. Now, these students that talk? Less than stellar, let me tell you. I actually overheard a conversation between these two morons in regards to the merit of Speech class. One person is dropping the course because he doesn't feel that it is related to his soon-to-be field of expertise. He's Pre-Med. PRE-MED! He was defending himself. He said that he was not going to have an audience to talk to so he feels that speech class is a waste of time.

My jaw dropped.

Doctors have an audience every time. They are called "patients". Surely, attached to those patients are "patient's family and friends". *Snort* Don't have an audience. My butt! And if heaven forbid, he becomes a doctor in a teaching hospital, he'd have to ask and answer the newbie docs making their rounds.

Trust me, this guy isn't going to make it to med school. And if he does, I will make sure he doesn't become your family physician. Apparently, giving you instructions on how to rehabilitate yourself from an illness or injury is beneath him. Can you just imagine his bedside manner when he has to tell you that you have less than a month to live? Or that your significant other is going to be in a coma? Or that your pinky toe cannot be sutured back on (thanks, Prison Break)?

The girl he was talking to said she was going to drop the course because she found a school that said Speech wasn't mandatory for her major. She's a sociology major. Like her, she was arguing the merits as to why Speech isn't important.

"It's not, like, we don't know how to speak, you know?" she says. She's convincing. In that sentence itself, she used 'like' in the valley girl sense. If she thinks speech is just about flapping gums, then she's also in a major world of hurt.


Lastly,before I ditch the CC rant, I leave you with a mental picture. Two punks with mohawks, one painted hot pink, one green, are walking to the parking lot looking like the biggest bad-asses in town. Guess what they jump into when they get to their mode of transport? A MINI VAN. Yep, tough Jeff and Joe are riding in a suburbanite vehicle. Sorta kinda kills what punk was intended for: the big finger to all things "nice and pretty".

In other news (thanks to Ask Ausiello):

Question: You can't deny it! I have video evidence that you interviewed Veronica Mars' Jason Dohring on the red carpet at the Emmys. What did he have to say! Spill! — Jennifer

Ausiello: God, you people are everywhere! Yes, it's true, I cornered Jay (yeah, we're at that place already) just after he stepped out of his limo and asked him the question on everyone's mind that afternoon: Duncan or Logan? "That is really a hard question," he hedged. "It's really hard to think that she could be with Logan unless he undergoes some serious change, because they're not really on the same wavelength. They could be [together] for a passionate, you know, burst, but then he's just kind of a bad guy. But she's the only person who can really make him change, and in that sense they could totally be together. We'll see."

Question: People keep asking about this season's "mystery" on Veronica Mars, but doesn't the preview clip on UPN give it away? It seems to show Weevil's sidekick, Felix, lying bloody on the ground with Logan as the suspect. Is that it, or have I been drinking the spiked Snapple again? — Dave

Ausiello: (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) Who says there can't be several mysteries? Huh? Who, damnit!?!?!?! (Sorry, long week.)

Thanks to E!Online:

WELL READ: Norman Mailer receiving a medal of honor for lifetime achievement by the National Book Foundation, the organization said on Tuesday.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Richard & Safiera said...

I had a very long and boring day and your rant just cheered me up. Thanks!

About the guys and the mohawks... guess what's worse than a mini van; A TANDEM BICYCLE!!! LOL

I hope the rest of your week will be better.

*** Alaya ***

ames said...


mini vans have gone punk?

giggles some more.

I'm sorry you were faced with listening to valley girls. Especially a valley girl that thinks she's literate/high brow. The worst.

Third graders are much cuter. I used to help MIL out in her second grade class room. And I was in charge of story hour. Reading to them is the best. How enraptured they are. Sigh.

Has Earl premiered? i keep seeing the commercials for it, in the movie theaters, but I never turn the TV on, lest I be rewarded with VM or GG/SN. Sad, right? I never channel surf anymore.

Take a vacay day. Do it. Call in sick, make Nilly do the same, and sit around in your yard eating ice cream sundaes. Don't do anything. At all. It'll be glorious.

hope to chat soon. As long as it won't kill you. And I've got the smartie cap in the mail for you, so you'll ace all your exams...


jackie said...


You run with an interesting crowd, or rather a interesting crowd runs beside you.

You should have walked up to those psuedo poser rockers and said, "Rock on Dude!" and then tapped the hood of their van saying "They don't make 'em like they used to huh."

I'm sure you will do wonderfully on your test, I got faith in ya.

Oh, and I keep meaning to ask if you want a free month trial with Netflix..the offer is only good till the 28th , but I'll forward the email on to you.

Much love,


Katherine said...

Good luck with your test! I know you'll do well.

I feel your pain, about the stupid people at Com Colleges. Seriously, they are often filled with the bottom dregs of society. Scum under scum kind of people. Why do you think I can't find anyone to date? They're all ghetto fabulous gonna shoot you if you get too close types, or dirty future sex offender types. Or the usually grouping of yucky waste of humanity types.

Oooh, to the spoilers! Love that you are always able to give us the skinny!