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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Relationships And Such


Did you miss me? Well, I missed posting. This may be one of the few things I get to do before the new GG season starts (Reminder: Tuesday, the 13th. Don't miss it!).

But before I drop any more spoilers tonight, I just wanted to let you all in to what I was listening to on my way home. My car radio is preset to 3 different stations. Number 1 is dedicated to the "Alternative" station, which apparently has only 3 CDs in their rotation (Soundgarden, Nirvana and STP). I know, so grunge 90's right? Welcome to Podunk, USA. The number 2 slot is for my iPod, which I don't use now because there's always some radio frequency interrupting it and I hate it when I get cut off singing to whatever's loaded and playing on Lilly at that moment. Number 3... Ha! It used to be a pop station but for some odd reason turned into an old fart's Middle-of-the-Road kind of station. You know, the kind that plays Clay Aiken and Michael Bolton on heavy rotation? Yeah, that kind. Well, I had to change the station fast before I hear Celine Dion belt a tune in my ear. So, I put my station on scan. A cool song was playing so I left it there, pressing the "Save" button so I don't have to change channels while driving. Little did I know that it was a "Dedication Time" kind of program that was on!

Holy cow, Batman. Some of these people are LOSERS! There was this guy that was dedicating a song to his new-found "girlfriend" (as to which the term I will use loosely). See, they met on the internet about a month and a half ago and now he asked her to be his "girlfriend" and she said yes. THEY STILL HAVE TO MEET. So he dedicates this old Lionel Richey song to her to thank her for committing.

I wish that was the only bad request made. Unfortunately, I've heard almost each and every dedication made out to probably all the adulterous people on my side of town. Really, it was pathetic. Listening to it was akin to watching an accident about to happen! So, sadly, it can't be all good.

Alright, with that out of the way....

Here's the GG scoopage I can drop. One's part of the article featured in this week's Entertainment Weekly, courtesy of Spoilerfix.

Episode 6.02: Fight Face 
Airdate: September 20, 2005
09/07 - Rory is down in the dumps about having to perform community service, and she slips even deeper when she finds out about Lorelai and Luke. Source: TV Guide Online

When non-cast-member fans last saw the Gilmores, Rory had dropped out of Yale, been arrested for boat-lifting, and moved in with grandparents Richard and Emily, breaking the heart of her mom, Lorelai. The only bright spot in the heart-wrenching final episodes: Lorelai's last-second proposal to Luke. So...what does he say?? ''He answers her proposal'' is all Sherman-Palladino will allow. Dan's more reassuring. ''No one's gonna wake up in the shower and say it was a dream,'' he promises. But as for everything else, he'll only say, ''It was a real F-you to Lorelai, Rory going to the Gilmores, and we're going to follow the implications of that.'' Also reassuring: Matt Czuchry returns as charming bad-influence boyfriend Logan. While their yacht escapade causes Rory more trouble than she bargained for, Bledel's enjoying the relationship. ''Rory's exhausting a lot of the time,'' she says. ''Now she's taking it down a notch. It's kind of nice.'' Graham, however, isn't thrilled at the prospect of freezing out her kid. ''It's difficult for me to speak that way to her,'' she says. (In fact, the two start the season not speaking at all.) ''It's dysfunctional, but it's a good story,'' she adds. [...] At least scoring her dream guest star might ease the pain. Gilmore will celebrate Rory's 21st birthday this season with an appearance by former secretary of state Madeleine Albright. ''That's the broad every chick should want to be!'' Sherman-Palladino crows. ''Nobody should want to be a f---in' Hilton!'' How about a Gilmore Girl? Can we want to be one of those? Source: Entertainment Weekly

I will say, if Paris Hilton ever graces GG, ASP will not be forgiven. When she appeared as Caitlin in VM, I forgave Rob Thomas for his lack of vision. That's okay. She got what she deserved on the show. Thank goodness RT thought twice before casting Tara Reid as one of the VM Characters. Eep!

And, if you haven't read it yet, there's another convert to the VM camp. Yes, my favorite, Kevin Smith. I posted a couple of weeks ago KS' walk-on role as Dale in VM. Apparently, he had not seen the show and was doing the gig as a favor to a friend that works behind the scene. So, one of his bennies is the Season 1 of VM on discs, which he and his wife, Jenn, are now addicted to watching. They, too, can't wait for S2 to premiere. He's sweet (of course, using the Cartman voice)! Check out Silent Bob's blog on his praises for the guilty pleasure called VM.

Tomorrow, I am taping "Reunion". I'm actually watching this just to get a feel for it. I am a fan of Rob Estes (American Dreams) and I want to see him play a man of the cloth. This will be interesting! Another show I am going to keep an eye on is "Kitchen Confidential". Oh. My. God. Have you seen the cast? All that comes into my head is Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People". Then there's "Everybody Hates Chris" and "My Name Is Earl". Jason Lee is hilarious and sarcastic. Don't know him? Check him out in "Mallrats", "Chasing Amy" and "Enemy of the State" to name a few. The premise is downright funny (Who gets enlightened by watching Carson Daly?).

I guess I need to set up 2 VCRs and get more blank video tapes. Ugh. I hope some of them turn out badly so I don't have to record as much. What's worse? Finding the time to actually watch them all! GG+Supernatural is already 2 hours. Then VM and Prison Break. Another 2 hours. Kitchen Confidential? Half hour. I have to catch Reba, What I Like About You on Sundays. Chris is half hour, as well as Earl. That's almost my weekend there, folks. And don't even get me started on Sundays. Sundays are football days so I am not allowed to watch any of my shows if the Eagles are playing. Hmm, I guess watching Reba and What I Like will be... well, forgotten. Damn, there's also Everwood! There goes my study time.

Yes, I have no life. Just pray that I actually get all my school reading done and pass all my tests to make the TV sacrifices worthwhile.


ames said...

Me, me, I missed you!

No one's around, :(

LMAO about the dedication show you caught. Those things are usually of a certain quality, but that really takes the cake. Internet 'couples' kill me. I mean, i realize we all have never 'met', but we're not shutting other opportunities out of our lives in 'commitment' to one another. And I have a feeling we know each other a lot better than this 'couple.' Though my friend Scott's friend Steve (from WA) met a girl online in OH, and she MOVED out here to live with him. How insane are ppl?

I can see that convo now: "Now, Mom, if he were really a psycho-serial rapist, he would have told me, I know him. You should read his emails. I weep."


I'm way too tired. I'm gonna go blog.


jackie said...

I did, I did missed you too.

Cheesy songs and dedications make me feel oh so good about myself. That is funny, since you do live in a small town, at least the radio station made some good entertainment and all that inside gossip of who's with who. You can't beat a drive filled wth that.

Good GG scoopage. I read this last night. Apparently Luke is the one to fill in Rory about the engagement, because she swung by the dinner to "check" on Lorelai. Apparently Luke felt obligated. Oh the drama. Can't wait till Tuesday!