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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The AA Intervention

It's Wednesday and you know what that means... Ask Ausiello Time!

Still coming down from my high of yesterday's news (the cabana boy update, Logan's sister's return to VM. Michael Scoffield MARRIED!), I don't think these latest spoilers would come close to the feeling of... smugness?


Question: I read that Gilmore Girls is bringing on someone to complicate things for Luke and Lorelai. Is this "someone" going to be a baby? Is Lorelai pregnant? — Caty

Ausiello: No, it's my understanding that this particular someone will be a grown man — and no, his name won't be Christopher or Dragonfly Inn Guest No. 1. It'll be someone we've never met before.

Question: If you give me some scoop on Gilmore Girls, I will come to your book signing on Friday. Promise. — Carrie

Ausiello: You better not be bluffing, Carrie, 'cause we'll be checking IDs at the door. Richard and Emily will soon find out that the apple of their eye has been engaging in some, um, extracurricular activities in the pool house. And suffice it to say they will not be happy. See you Friday at 7:30, Carrie. Just a heads-up: Mayor Bloomberg is urging everyone to take public transportation to the event to cut down on what is expected to be record gridlock. (I'm beginning to think maybe I underestimated my own popularity.)

uestion: Just found out that in November when Jess returns to Stars Hollow, he has written a book. Do you know anything about the book? — Mickey

Ausiello: Only that he tells Rory that she inspired him to write it and the whole thing causes major problems for Rory-Logan.

Question: Any word on whether Scott Patterson's coming back for a seventh season of Gilmore Girls? — Luanne

Ausiello: No, and I just found out that we may not know until May when WB decides whether the show itself is coming back for a seventh season.

Question: OK, enough of this Lorelai-Rory feud crap! When the hell is AS-P going to get these two Gilmores to reconcile? The show isn't the same without them together. This is the worst breakup in history. — T. Paul

Ausiello: I hate it admit it, but you're right. With the two of them apart, the show feels like it's stuck in neutral. And although AS-P is keeping the details and timing of the inevitable reunion under tight wraps, I would be very surprised if Lorelai and Rory spent Thanksgiving apart.

Episode 6.04: Always a Godmother, Never a God 
Airdate: October 4, 2005

09/26 - Missing Rory, Lorelai tries to call her and is upset to find that Rory's cell phone is no longer in service. Sookie asks Lorelai and Rory to be the godparents to her two children in the hope that they will reconcile when they see each other at the ceremony. However, mother and daughter end up fighting when Lorelai realizes that Rory have her new cell number to Sookie but not to her. Logan learns that his father expects him to graduate this year and enter the family business. Wanting to break free from family pressures, Logan whisks Rory off to a weekend in New York. Scott Patterson, Kelly Bishop, Keiko Agena, Yanic Truesdale and Sean Gunn also star. Source: The WB

Episode 6.05: We've Got Magic To Do 
Airdate: October 11, 2005

09/27 - Rory does a fabulous job organizing a big DAR bash for Emily. However, at the party, Richard confronts Logan's father, Mitchum Huntzberger (guest star Gregg Henry), about his opinion of Rory's journalistic talents, while Emily has an even uglier confrontation with Logan's mother, Shria (guest star Leann Hunley), over the romance between Rory and Logan. Meanwhile, after a small kitchen fire at the Dragonfly Inn, Lorelai needs Richard's help settling the insurance claim and uses the time spent with her father to needle him about the fact that he has been unable to get Rory to return to Yale. Though he's annoyed with Lorelai, Richard has to admit that Rory is not where she should be. Melissa McCarthy, Scott Patterson, Yanic Truesdale, Liza Weil and Sean Gunn also star. Source: The WB

Episode 6.07: Title Unknown 
Airdate: Fall 2005

09/26 - Rory has dinner with her grandparents and Reverend Boatwright. It seems that the Gilmores invited the Reverend so he speaks to Rory about certain things since she will turn 21 in a week. Later in the episode, the Gilmores throw a party for Rory. Lane and Zach are in attendance so are some DAR women. Logan and Lane finally meet. Paris, Doyle, Luke and Lorelai are there too. Will mother and daughter be on speaking terms? Richard is nowhere to be found. The maid of the episode is named Mai Mai. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Question: Do you have any updates about Everwood? — Erica

Ausiello: Yeah, here's one: After screening the first two episodes of the season, Everwood has officially become my new favorite show. And yes, that includes Lost, Veronica Mars and (yikes!) Gilmore Girls. It's that good. I'd even go so far as to proclaim it my new Felicity. Seriously. (SPOILER ALERT) Now, while I won't give away which couple gets hitched in the opener, I will say I jumped to the wrong conclusion — twice — before the betrothed duo were finally revealed at around the 20-minute mark. Also, as exec producer Rina Mimoun teased in AA last month, there's a major twist concerning the new med student (Justin Baldoni) who Amy's crushing on. Oh, and just when I couldn't love the show anymore, Bright utters the following line to Ephram, who flew home from Europe to attend the big wedding: "Dude, I almost didn't go because of a Smurfs marathon." Now, either more industry people read AA than I ever knew, or this Smurf comeback is truly under way. Anyway, please follow Everwood to Thursdays at 9 pm beginning tomorrow. You won't regret it.

Question: I'm a little disappointed that last week's AA had no mention of Prison Break at all. It's getting really good, too. What can you tell me? — Bianca

Ausiello: First, I can tell you to pick up the new issue of TV Guide magazine, featuring a cover story on Wentworth Miller and more spoilers than you can fit into a 7' x 11' cell. I also can tell you that when the show returns from its baseball-imposed hiatus in late October, two major characters will bite the dust.

and this is for my girls, especially J, who's going to attempt to watch this show in hopes to see real drama.

Question: I am so sick of you only putting spoilers on for shows like 24, Alias, Lost and Veronica Mars. Why don't you put one in about One Tree Hill for once. — Janel

Ausiello: You One Tree Hillbillies finally wore me down to the point where I did the unthinkable: I invited Damian Holbrook — TV Guide's resident Tree trollop — to steal my thunder make a cameo in this week's AA. All together now: "Hello, Damian." OK, enough with the introductions; give us the dirt, Holbrook. "[Series creator] Mark Schwan told me that Brooke is going to create a clothing line and he hopes to film an episode during the Winter Fashion Week. Also, basketball will become a focus again and we should expect a Christmas episode. He's excited because the beginning of senior year is the first time they've followed stories in current time; the first two seasons were the first and second halves of their junior year, so now he can do a holiday episode. He would love to bring back Bryan Greenberg, who played Jake, but is waiting to see what his schedule is like. They're good friends…." I think that'll do it, Damian. This is a cameo, not a full-fledged guest spot. Thanks for playing. You're welcome back anytime I'm desperate for scoop on a show I don't watch.

Wish me luck on the test tomorrow... I don't think I can have any more Epicurean thoughts.


Katherine said...

Loving all these spoilers! I so needed to hear that this stupid rift garbage with Rory and Lorelai isn't gonna be too much longer. Because seriously, it's retarded. And that includes the possibility that it was ASP, as we know she's made some stupid decisions in the past. (Hello? Letting Tristan go and having Rory sleep with Dean?)

I, like AA, am positively giddy that the smurfs are making a comeback. And I love that Everwood is getting on that bandwagon, cuz seriously, it's a good one.

I just hope that CMM and SB cause so many problems that they end up killing the show. I would be really surprised if it made it past the end of the season. I'm hoping that it ends up getting cancelled in January and then they stick BD in in it's place. That way, we all have the perfect Tuesday and Wednesday viewings. And we can find a place for Jake on another tv show. Maybe a long lost cousin on SN? Round out the hottie factor on there? Or maybe V needs a new friend. Not a 'special friend', cuz that is Logan's place, but another boy on her roster, one whom I already love and adore wouldn't be minded by me!


Camilla said...

Thanks for the spoilers! I loved the Jess/Rory and Rory/Logan spoilers. Many things I haven't read before. So, thanks again M. Katherine is right on some things, though sadly I don't agree with her opinon about CMM and Sophia 'cause I liked them as couple. They were cute, always looking like two people in love to me. But I said that on the Trory thread already. I miss the Trories over there! <3 I'm afraid to know what'll happen to the B/L scenes because I'm a shipper of Brooke and Lucas. I started off as Peyton/Lucas fan though so if Lucas ended up with Peyton or Haley - I'm all for it. I'm a Laley too, if you didn't figure it out.

Richard & Safiera said...

So, YAY!, Andy came trough for me, I received the first episode of VM today and watched it immediately. Wow, that’s a lot of information to digest in one episode, but I liked it a lot. Poor girl, she’s had a lot going on in her life. And what a way to find out your mom isn’t what you thought she was. Wallace seems sweet and Logan is an ass, but I must admit he’s kinda cute. I hope Veronica doesn’t get back with Duncan, I don’t get an al together good vibe from him. And as if being raped isn’t enough, she doesn’t even know who did it. I mean, on one hand it must be a blessing that she can’t remember anything, but to me it seems like a curse at the same time. I might be able to watch epi 2 tomorrow, but after that I’ll have to wait at least a week for the rest.

This weekend I’ll be watching the pilot of ‘Prison Break’, can’t wait. Wentworth is a cutie too. So, just watched the season premiere of ‘Lost’, as soon as I heard that voice in the ‘bomb shelter’ I knew it was Desmond. Kind of curious what that’s all about.

I kind of followed OTH in the beginning, but then I lost my interest. Okay, I have to admit; I'm high maintenance, I get bored easily.

Everwood… hmm, A got me all curious. The only reason I kept watching was to see how things would progress between Bright and Hannah. I hate that we are so behind on everything here, Dutch Television SUCKS!