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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gilmore Gossip

Hello, everyone.

To those that are new to my page, welcome. The Build-A-Fic page is in progress right now. We are hoping to get it up and running as soon as we could. Just be patient. The Powers That Be all have jobs and lives and dedication to the page is a monumental task shared by the Goddesses.

That being said, we'll post the site when it's ready. For now, you can link on to Gilmore Girls Build-A-Fic link on my side menu bar.

On with the show...

First up, a Kristin scoopage. Anyone have a clue?

Just heard that one of the Gilmore Girls is dating a BUFFY alum.

A HOTTTT Buffy Alum.

It's very new.

Who else isn't taken in the Buffy verse? J? Can you ask your dad?

Second, courtesy of Spoilerfix:

Episode 6.04: Always a Godmother, Never a God
Airdate: October 2005

09/21 - Jackson's quirky family is in town for his children's baptisms. Sookie asks Lorelai and Rory to be godmothers, and Lorelai suspects it's a ploy to get them together. Also: Lane freaks out when Brian and Zach spend all of the band's tour money. Source: TV Guide Online

Talk amongst yourself and have a great day!


ames said...

so, it has to be lauren, right? AB is all tied up and schmoopy with MV. And it's a GG, not a GG cast (not MC!!!). DB maybe? OOh, or Spike? Yum. Go Lauren!


Katherine said...

Well, it can't be DB, he's married. Well, I suppose it could be, but he seems pretty damn enamored with the wife. JM is a possibility, as well as NB. AD and SG are both hitched, AD to AH of BtVS and VM. It might also be MB. I don't think he's married, but hey, it could also be a slew of the guest scoobies and victims that have contributed to the cult hit, including your Prison Break honey, and Paris' favorite editor.

Heehee, honey.

Wow, I'm obsessed, and none of you will ever be able to fully appreciate the level of adoration that I had/have for this show, as you never really watched it.



jackie said...

hahaahaha, I'm dying, that was so funny....ask my dad!

Needless to say K, i'm uber impressed. I three have not watched the show, so I'm outta the loop.

But if you break the riddle of who's hookin' it up, let me know.


Me said...

I watched like the first season of BTVS. So, K, use your deductive skills... Tell! Tell!


Camilla said...

Lauren is dating somebody from the BtVS cast? Hum.. who might it be.. who might it be?!? I have no idea actually. I'm crazy obsessed with Buffy. But I've told you that before.. Is the in younger cast or older ones? :P A little clue might help : /

~ Camilla