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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

TV Highlights and More MNT Photos

So, anyone watch GG?

I'd talk about it but the hubster still has to see it and wants to see Rory's butt get handed to her so I promised him no spoilers. But I have to say one thing: WOOT to Paris! (Doncha agree, K?)

And did you catch that on Finn's sophomore year he was in Spain? What a coinkidink!

Anyway, more photos here.

This one's the walk at port Olympic. Not a bad view, eh?

The Guadians to Parc Guell:

Here is a photo of the tiled benches at Parc Guell. A lot of the ceramics were provided by Villeroy and Boch:

Here are photos of the market stalls where Rory and Tris were having their discussion:

And what those stalls look from the inside:

I'll be posting more photos on what Finn saw, the La Sagrada Familia, Port Vell and the La Rambla the next time around...

1 comment:

Camilla said...

Buenos días! ;D (Don't know the time over there but still..)

I LOVED these pics. And I adore Finn (and Colin) but Finn is the funniest guy on a tv show ever! <3 Tanc Sade plays Finn so well. Thanks for posting the pics, M. I enjoyed seeing them. Spain seems like a beautiful country. Even if I take spanish, I've never been there! Very unfortunate. I know a friend who has been there three times already and she loves it there! ;)