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Monday, August 01, 2005

Self Gratification

So do you get the clue as to what this blog is about?

It's Monday so here's the latest from Kristin's Chats. I so want her job!

Oh, and before I get accused for being VM biased, I've included Jess Mariano news and a SHOCKER scoop (not that everyone knows it's too good to be true) for you One Tree Hill Lovers. Just a suggestion here, drop OTH. It's so bad for your mental health. I'd suggest Everwood or any other TV show barring insipidness...


From young_buck555: So, what was the point with the necklaces Jason and Kristen were talking about?

Ooh! Thanks for reminding me. I know many of you Veronica Mars fans conjured up this idea that the necklaces Kristen and Jason were wearing had something do to with LoVe, but, "Unfortunately, it didn't have anything to do with Logan," Kristen tells me. "I have a very, very good girlfriend who, to me, dresses [like] and physically is Veronica. She had this necklace that she got from a woman who makes them in North Carolina, and then wears a little Tiffany pendant with it, and I just thought that that was the perfect mesh of soft and hard, and tough and girlie, so I told Sal Perez, our costume designer I wanted to do that. And by the end, it just felt that she had graduated, and we needed to do something to show that she was growing older and that she was coming to terms with a lot of things, and we always felt that the pendant, the star, was something her mother had given her, so we decided to lose both." As for the real reason for Jason Dohring's necklace, you're gonna crack up. He tells me, "I think the only reason I had the necklace in the first place was so you could tell the difference between Duncan and I, cause a lotta people thought we looked the same." Ha!

From need-info-now: Is Jess coming back (Gilmore Girls)? I know you have the answer, you know all the latest Hollywood info!

Sweetie, I don't even know my head from my couch cushions! But I do know what Milo himself told me: "Well, there's a very, very slim chance I'll be back, and I will say that if I do go back, it will air during sweeps."

From noleen: What else did Milo say? Is he still with Alexis Bledel?

Yes. She wasn't at the WB party but I have it on good authority they're still together, and he did reference her during our convo. Milo's midseason WB show, The Bedford Diaries, follows a group of students going to college in NYC as they "explore their identity and relationships." Still pining over my favorite fickle pickle, I (of course) implored, "Is it like Felicity?" Milo put his hand over his mouth, looked the other way and whispered, "Yes." Then he added, "Well, I think we're going a little more highbrow than Felicity." Excuse moi!? "Well, no, I shouldn't have said that," he continued. "I honestly never watched Felicity. My girlfriend loves that show, but I've never really seen it."

From brando: Isn't Wallace getting a girlfriend this season?

Yes! And according to Percy Daggs, it creates a different dynamic: "Veronica getting a new friend is definitely more difficult for Wallace, because girls will be girls, like boys will be boys. So, it kinda pushes me out on another end. I'm already being pushed out because of her boyfriend situation with Logan and Duncan, and then she's got another female best friend, and then I have a girlfriend, a love interest that's comin' in. But I'm excited about getting a girl! She comes from a lotta money. She comes from oh-niner territory, so for her to even be involved with Wallace, it's difficult for him."

From george: Anything on One Tree Hill? Do you know if Lucas and Peyton will hook it up?

The will hook it way up, yes. At least, that's what I'm hearing. But the others on the show won't be hearing about it for a good while, as they'll want to keep it on the DL. Also, sadly, Jerky McJerkalot will survive the fire.


So there you have it. Now you can sleep better tonight knowing your brain is filled with mush.

And yes, I had to include the Troy/Veronica photo. It's the only thing that still keeps me going, knowing that he can come back from God knows where and get beat up by Logan and/or Duncan for moving into V when they told him she's off limits.


Katherine said...

You have to be kidding me. Did Dan sell his soul to the devil or something to become immortal? Cuz ew. I thought we were finally rid of him. Not that I'll be watching.

I wonder if they changed the Brooke/Lucas sitch because they're breaking up in RL.

I love all the VM stuff! Thanks for the 411!


Katherine said...

And Troy, while he had potential, does not deserve V. She belongs with Logan, my sweetie of the moment.


ames said...

see why i love Milo? he's so cute. 'my girlfriend loves that show'. like we don't know who that is.

sigh. I love peyton and lucas together, but i can't watch it again. I can't. it's just. . . bad.

I'm still stoked for VM. No matter what, it's sounding better than DAR/Trash pick up/Fist fight Rory they've created. ASP better have Milo up her sleeve at sweeps. . . He's her ace, baby!

off to finish my fic before K kills me. She's evil. E. V. I. L.


but i love her. and you with your scoop. you are in training for Kristen's job. And you'll let me have MC. 'Cause Milo is taken. *nods*


ames said...

and K: Dan has no soul. His cheating death will be the show joke. At the end of every season, that will be the cliffhanger. This is why it won't be renewed, God Willing. Well, that and with CMM and SB probably not speaking anymore, probably not willing to work the same days, that won't help either.

damn. GG needs CMM at this point. Even if just at sweeps, like Milo. We need all the boys to rally around and pull Rory out of the gutter. Take a step back, Dean. Not all the boys. Just my favorites!


Katherine said...

I just found a Trory, called The Ultimate Curveball. It's by Joy1, the writer that made Rory an anime fan. But it's good. She's making Tristan into a mirror of sorts for Rory, so she can see what she's doing to herself. It's pretty good so far.


jackie said...

Thanks for all the scoopage.

I had been wondering if the CMM and SB split would reek havoc on the OTH set. When I first started watching the show, the first season, I thought, hmm this is pretty good.

The Hailey/Chris/Nathan story line annoys me and half of every show is all about Dan and what evil deeds his is planning or masterminded. The fact that he survives the fire, well I feel that they are dangerously close to jumping the shark. Know what I mean, eahh (thumbs up, fonz.)

Donut Shop said...

Troy so does not deserve V but you had to admit, they had a sick, sweet, kind of sexy relationship until he pulled the wool. I just want him to reprise his role thinking that he's got one up on V and try to destroy her for all she did with his drugs and whatnot only to realize that the buddies he had who hated her are now her homies... Whee!

And Jackie, I so agree, OTH has jumped the shark as of last season. That little engine that could? Didn't go anywhere...

Katherine said...

OTH jumped the shark the second that the show became more about the girls and less about the brothers and basketball. The show sucks. CMM needs to leave, and come back to GG where he and his hot ass will be appreciated and adored by intelligent fans.

I will admit, that I did like Troy from the beginning, but honestly, I always loved Logan and Veronica's interactions more. Their chemistry was always beyond compare, whether it was with snarky banter or smoking kisses.


jackie said...

I agree about the whole basketball point. Even my dad watched the show when it first started. All because he got into the rivalry and anger Lucas and Nathan had for each other on and off of the court. As soon as the focus changed to who was with who/doing who he quit watching.

I will admit to catching the show every now and again. And I liked Troy and Veronica together. It could be because I like Shawn Ashmore. I think I first fell for him when he was in X-men...hmmm good times.

me said...


I know what you mean about Shawn. That's why I was surprised to find out that Shawn's brother, Aaron (Icetwin), was the one in VM!

God, twins... yummy.

jackie said...

Seriously! I didn't know that twins were involved. Now that's some good family genes. I think I'm going to have good dreams.... :)