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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ansty Ausiello

More GG scoopage. I know, I know, it's in two weeks and I still keep giving you teasers... So without further ado:

Question: Will Rory and Logan get married this season on Gilmore Girls? It was talked about by Logan's parents and now that Rory is having an identity crisis, it would make sense. — Autumn

Ausiello: It certainly sounds like someone's getting hitched. As I mentioned in our latest Podcast, AA reader Toni Miller tipped me off about "a multitiered chocolate wedding cake with white icing trim" that she spotted on the Gilmore Girls set during a recent tour of Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, Calif. And exec producer Daniel Palladino offered this tantalizing tease when last we spoke: "There might be a wedding, but it may not be the one you expect."

---I think the person getting married is Doyle and Paris. Or Lane and Zach! Ewww, Mama Kim might put a hold on that.---

Question: In last week's Podcast, you mentioned you had received the premiere of Gilmore Girls. Did you watch it? I don't want any spoilers. I just want to know how good it is. I'm dying for Sept. 13 to get here. — Allison

Ausiello: Yes, I watched it and, despite a slow start, it was well worth the four-month wait. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a solid 7. Oh, and there's a telltale clue dropped about the mystery wedding.

Question: Love the column — simply hilarious. Anyway, Amy Sherman-Palladino has said that she wants Gilmore Girls to go through Rory's Yale graduation. But now that she's dropped out, won't that complicate things a bit? — Kayti

Ausiello: I asked Amy that specific question, and here's what she told me: "Rory's picked a path and she's got to go down that path for a while. We're gonna let her go on this journey. We're not going to truncate where she's heading."

---Duh, chica, they're picking up from where they left off. It's called interference during summer... If she's such a fan, why is she asking stupid questions?

And you think I won't have any VM news juice?

Question: All this talk about Joss Whedon's lovefest with Veronica Mars — is it possible he will write an episode? — Jim

Ausiello: Let's ask Rob Thomas! "We would certainly welcome that, though he hasn't offered up those services." OK, lemme track down Joss and make this thing happen.

And that, is the lowdown.


ames said...

i will hurt myself laughing if it's doyle and paris. i'm chuckling in anticipation now. i'm sure it wouldn't be either of the GG. . . even if Luke and Lorelai do get married before the show's end, i really don't think Rory will.

Geesh, isn't it Sept already? Need some new blood, or at least some writing time!


Lindsay said...

How much does it suck that he won't have a column the day beore the premiere?

me said...

It blows chunks, Lindsay. Blows.


jackie said...


Thank you for your kind words and thougts. They mean a lot.

And thanks for the Ausiello summary. Now I don't have to wade through all of his other comments.

I can't wait for all of my shows to start. I need to lose my self in pre-scripted drama of the wb.

talk to ya soon


Katherine said...

May I just say that I think that the wedding is for Kirk and Lulu? Luke and Lorelai got engaged like, thirty seconds ago, Doyle can barely say that Paris is his GF without hyperventillating, and Logan is not about to give up even more of his freedom to marry Rory. Lane and Zach have not been together for very long, and they are on the road. Not the Hollow. That leaves... Kirk and Lulu! Only couple I can think of that would be up for strapping on the old ball and chain.

Any thoughts?

ames said...

i can see it. but didn't it say it was something we wouldn't be expecting?

who knows. why can't the freakin' season just start?

*whines and takes more meds* it's past my nap time. :)


Donut Shop said...

The Lulu/Kirk nuptials sound convincing since the cake's being brought to the Dragonfly...

You are such the supersleeuth, K!