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Saturday, August 13, 2005

AWKWARD For A Hundred, Please

Here's me still stying to scrape my jaw off the floor. I guess, "Yay for incest?"

Courtesy of Kristin V:

Emily VanCamp and Chris Pratt

Um, they're dating. For months.

Where have I been?

Also hear that it's a bit, well, interesting on the Everwood set given Emily's previous relationship.

But thankfully, honestly, a nicer, more stand-up cast you will not find (must be something in the Utah water), so no covert ousting ops in the work on this one. Just a smidge of awkwardness that will surely subside with time...

I love me some Everwood.


ames said...

um. ew?

why is that so weird? But it is, totally. I don't think I'll ever be able to watch the show the same way again. . . She's been pushing him to kiss Hannah for months. Weird.

Who was Emily dating before?


Katherine said...

That is really weird. It's not uncommon, I suppose, to date your costar, I mean, it worked for Kelly Ripa, and Ben and Jen (Garner, not Lopez. Ew.), but I just thought it happened more between the kissing costars, and not the ones who have to act related. But then, they aren't, so again, it's not too creepy.

I'm with Ames, was she dating Gregory or something? Share the knowledge!


ames said...

remember what happened on roswell? the main dude dated his 'sister', and you could tell... and it was creepy.


ps--i'm off to work now, i'll be back just before midnight for those of you who are going to be up forever.

Katherine said...

I so remember that, and it was all kinds of weird.

I'll be up, most likely. What about you, M?


jackie said...

She had been dating Ben Mackenzie who plays Ryan Atwood on the OC.

BUt that is weird. I would have a hard time seeing them as something other than brother and sister since that is who they play in the show. If i ever saw them kissing , I would be all ,"Stop! NO! You are brother and sister,wait you aren't really, but either way stop."

Donut Shop said...

She dated Ben Mackenzie? Wow, isn't that odd since Hannah is BM's cousin in real life?


ames said...

how? how do you know all this?


i feel so out of the loop, LMAO.


Katherine said...

I feel out of the loop too. How did I miss all that? Oh, yeah, I've been paying attention to Brangelina and SB and HA,


jackie said...

Wow, are you serious, Hannah is BM's cousin!

I didn't know that. But my sister religiously reads US Weekly and she will text me with random tid-bits and that was one.