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Monday, August 22, 2005

Watching Videos

Today's the first day of school and I am up early doing chores before heading out. Yes, I am neaurotic. I'm one fo those people that multitasks when nervous. What's there to be nervous about when your classmates are 10 years your junior, right? Oh yeah. The part where everyone looks at you strangely because you ARE ancient.

Anyway, while folding laundry, I stumbled upon VH1 (gasp! VH1 shows videos?!) showing Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends". I like the video, not because it's a Green Day song (well, that factor helps. I don't have to be ashamed for liking it) but the performers in it are good. Evan Rachel Wood has become one of the Hollywood beauties, I think, that has talent and substance. Right by her is Mr. Billy Elliott himself, Jamie Bell.

The video's about a couple that's in love. I'm assuming their relationship is a girlfriend/boyfriend type. Maybe even a young married couple. She finds out that Jamie signed up for the Army and she's freaked. The video in itself doesn't show what happens to them as a couple but overall the video was rather captivating. She said she loved him and won't ever leave him. Jamie certainly tested her by signing up to be part of Uncle Sam's movement, huh?

Anyway, Movie suggestion of the day: Nicholas Nickelby. For a Charles Dickens book, this movie actually isn't depressing... Well, the Great Expectations movie with Gwynneth Paltrow is good, however, broody. Connection? Jamie Bell. Run with my random thought here, will ya?

Moving on, Green Day was followed by NIN and then DMB. What a transition, huh? I never got the point of seeing Julia Roberts in 'Dreamgirl'. The whole shadow figure in the video was rather strange. I don't get it. Anyone care to explain the video to me?

Sadly, one of the videos I liked recently is by a performer I really am not fond of: Gavin DeGraw. Have any of you seen the video for "Chariot"? I love it. Zach Braff did a very good job directing that video. Sadly, these Hollywood people won't heed the warning in the video.

Okay, time to stop rambling. Cross your fingers I don't make an ass of myself at school today.

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ames said...

i've never seen any of those videos. i haven't seen a video since i was up all night, watching FooTV on MTV2. . . Best of Me is good. I heard that JR was DMB video dream girl... i didn't get that either. isn't she kind of old to be a dream girl? i mean, put her next to you in class. you will feel like a spring chicken.

now i'm off to follow in your footsteps... not out of nervous energy, but obligation for my house not to be a pit. When do I get to write? SP looms, and I got nothing!