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Friday, August 26, 2005

The Tater Top Awards

Not that it really matters but it's fun to see what this counrty thinks in regards to all things TV (or who at least patronize Kristin V.). The Tater Top Awards 2005 is one of the few TV surveys I read to see "what I am missing". I usually agree with the poll. See what you think and sound off!

Have fun reading. We'll discuss the poll later.

On a side note, I can't believe that the WB screwed themselves over by announcing Luke's answer to Lorelai's proposal. I know that the spoiler's out there but geez! One thing I give Rob Thomas. He's still a tease.


ames said...

well at least she didn't want to marry my man!

and topher grace is leaving that 70s show? is the show still going on? because he's like, the main guy. his fam is in it. that's weird. don't think that one will survive.

i agreed with some of them. but i thought VM should have swept more of them. even i think LoVe had more chem than lorelai and luke. not that they should be together.... but come on.

okay. off to another day of work. those garlic fries better be worth it. . .


Katherine said...

I'm giddy to know that we are getting a yes, but I kinda wish that ASP had been more tight lipped. I mean, that was most of the reason I was so excited about watching this summer. RT does rock, especially for being so freakishly tight lipped about everything. It's gonna be an awesome Season Premiere!


Camilla said...
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