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Sunday, August 21, 2005

What Felicity Should Have Been

Jackie Rocks.


Although my puter booted me from the chat session I shared with the now newly anointed Fab 4, I am still grateful. Grateful for getting my hands on the the Bedford Diaries screen via Fickle Me.

It is seriously good. So good, I think it should be a fall starter and not a mid season replacement.

For those not in the know, Bedford Diaries is a story about college students attending a course on Sexual Behaviour in Bedford University. Each week, the students have to make a video diary about their feelings in regards to sex, whether they are practicing or not.

The content is actually deep (although I am not fond right now of the character named Zoe- (Victoria Cartagena)) and interesting. Setting this story in a college setting is more realistic. Sort of reminds me of my Psych course on Human Sexuality and Deviance. Although the class I took was more of a yawner, this one has substance.

Owen (Penn Badgely- John Tucker Must Die/The Mountain) is a frosh who happens to get in the course, also attended by his overachieving sister, Sara (Tiffani Dupont- Cheaper By the Dozen/ Joan of Arcadia). An upperclassman and school President, she has secrets of her own imperfection that somehow gets revealed to fellow classmate and current Bedford Bugle Editor, Richard (Milo Ventimiglia- Cursed/ Gilmore Girls).

Richard, on the other hand, is a reformed poster child of the rich and famous. He does not make any excuses about his character nor his upbringing (which of course, is refreshing). Instead, he uses his faults to the fullest: not being scared to actually take risks and push for the truth. But even a reformed druggie and alcoholic has his limits; a step mom that hits on him, a dad that doesn't know his son has changed majors and a former girlfriend whom he still can't get over. Or has he? He is quite the poker face and no one knows if his ascerbic personality is just there to slight or it's his sincerity to learn the truth.

Then there's Natalie (Corri English- Runaway Jury/Joan of Arcadia), Owen's partner is his Urban Health class and classmate in Prof. Macklun's (Matthew Modine) course. A suicide victim in the halls of Bedford, she also was once Richard's girlfriend and current crush to Owen. She has issues but she seems like she's got things under control. For now.

Lastly, there's Lee (Ernest Waddell- The Wire/As the World Turns), the wide eyed, I've-made-it-to-college freshman who seems lost in his element but willing to work with the system to better himself. He's in a relationship with Rachel, a quiet girl who's not in college.

The dynamics are amazing. The chemistry between the actors is great. There was enough tension that you are kept to the edge of your seat but comfortable enough that you don't have to roll your eyes at cheesy dialogue.

So far, I am quite intrigued by the Sara/Richard tango but Owen fascinates me.

This was what Felicity should have turned out to be.

I hate to say this, but, Alexis, your man has scored a winner here. I hope you like New York!


ames said...

i'm so glad you feel the way i do! i hate Zoey! hate, hate, hate! Jacks and I were talking about that. See my blog for my fave Richard line. I. Love. Him. Milo's gonna do great things here. Now I get his quote, where he told Kristen it was more highbrow than Felicity. LOL.

And it was way better than most of the new shows that are starting in fall look. I mean, Just Legal? Big steaming crap pile. We'll be needing quality shows like this to step up.

I'm so watching this again later, after I get home from my date. CM, MV and Penn ... this will be a good day, no matter what. :)

Sorry you got booted! I got ousted from a chat with K earlier that day. Major suckage with the comp. But at least we got Klondike and BD. Right?

Enjoy your last day of freedom. And if you don't chat tonight, have a great first day back to school, with lots of fresh school supplies and no homework!

love and hugs,


jackie said...

THANK GOD! Zoe totally irked me. I'm sorry you got booted, but at least you got to watch BD.

I loved Milo and I'm so frusturated that we will have to wait until mid-season before any of our questions will be answered.

Have a great day in classes if I don't get the chance to talk today. Sunday's are family days and I have to go to bed early so I can function tomorrow.

and I think im fickle Me


Ickle Me said...

I'll probably chat for a few but I promise to get a chapter or the SP written for all of you to critique. I have to get a headstart before school actually hits.

At least my class tomorrow doesn't start until noon.

I do hate Zoe right now. The whole thing with Rachel pregnant is going to annoy me though. The resident black guy already pegged as an unmarried dad? Such annoyance!

However, I do agree with A. Love the "bastard" line. Do any of you guys feel the tension between Richard and Sara? WOOT! I'm so loving it.

Penn Badgley is such a cutie. I hated the fact that his character in The Mountain was reduced to "scrap boyfriend".

Yes, Jackie dear, you are currently baptized as Fickle Me unless you want to be known as Sickle Me or Nickel Me. :D

Love y'all,
The resident drawler

jackie said...

I didn't even think about the whole token black guy stigma. Good catch.

I loved Milo and there is so much tension between Richard adn Sara that the screen crackled.

Have great day in classes.

Think about poor me getting up with the sun to start my new job. Okay, enough I'm off to bed. Oh and hope to send you a little present via email tomorrow sometime.